Protegrity Advances Tokenization Of Sensitive Data With Transparent, On-Site Enterprise-Ready Solution

DPS 5.1 provides strong protection for payment card data, personally identifiable information, and other sensitive data

December 18, 2009

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Stamford, CT, December 17, 2009: Protegrity Corporation, the leading provider of Data Security Management solutions, today announced the release of the Protegrity Data Protection System (DPS) 5.1, the newest version of Protegrity's award-winning comprehensive data protection platform.

The enhanced, integrated tokenization solution included in DPS 5.1 provides strong protection for payment card data, personally identifiable information, and a range of other sensitive data. DPS tokenization is available now, and it can be deployed with minimal changes to the target environment.

This advanced on-site solution gives customers the ability to leverage their current transaction processing services or choose a different transaction processor regardless of that service's tokenization capabilities. It also reduces the inevitable risks resulting from outsourcing critical data security functions such as tokenization. DPS 5.1 was engineered to fully support enterprises in their drive to move forward to proactive risk-adjusted data security strategies. DPS 5.1 tokenization complements the other data protection technologies that comprise the DPS platform, including strong encryption, to deliver an end-to-end data protection solution optimized for demanding enterprise requirements.

"We believe that using risk-adjusted methods to determine which technologies are best suited to particular types of data is the most effective way to enhance an organization's security profile and achieve the right balance between important business, operational, and security requirements," says Paul Giardina, Protegrity CEO. "DPS 5.1 demonstrates our commitment to supporting practical, business-process based data security solutions."

New and enhanced features in DPS 5.1 include:

Transparent tokenization: Eases deployment with database plug-ins and eliminates the need to alter applications for use with tokens. Transparent tokenization generates a token and sends the original sensitive value to the token server automatically, with no need to utilize APIs or perform complex coding. Transparent tokenization also increases data security while reducing data processing time and, depending on the environment, reducing the number of applications within PCI scope.

Bulk tokenization: Enables secure simultaneous batch processing of multiple data values and tokens, resulting in dramatically improved processing speed and enhanced information availability.

Configurable tokens: Protegrity's tokenization technology enables businesses to create custom token values for virtually any data protection need.

Tokenization removes sensitive data from the information flow at the earliest possible point in the process, replacing it with a token that acts as an alias for the protected data. The encrypted original data is stored in a separate location and can be accessed only by authorized applications and users.

DPS 5.1 tokenization further protects data by storing it in a security-hardened, high-availability server cluster that meets data protection security standards. The token servers scale to support very high demand environments. Built-in key rotation for the encrypted data values simplifies data security management chores.

Along with tokenization, DPS 5.1 provides a complete set of data protection technologies including strong encryption, format controlling encryption, hashing, masking, and data monitoring to lock down sensitive data even in the most complex and demanding business environments.

Protegrity's highly flexible DPS platform enables all or any of these technologies to be deployed when and as needed, in accordance with businesses' unique risk profiles, enabling organizations to quickly address changes in data risk levels and new threat vectors.

ABOUT PROTEGRITY Protegrity delivers centralized data security management solutions that protect sensitive information from acquisition to deletion across the enterprise. Protegrity's customers maintain complete protection over their data and business by employing software and solutions specifically designed to secure data, manage the data via a centralized policy, and generate detailed security reports.

The company's singular focus is on developing solutions that protect data. Protegrity employees are security technology specialists with deep expertise in data security techniques, encryption key management, and security policy in distributed environments. Maximize security with minimal business impact with Protegrity Data Protection System, the high performance, transparent solution optimized for the dynamic enterprise.

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