Promisec Brings a New Weapon to Combat Cyber Attackers with Release of Promisec Endpoint Manager 4.11

Combining File Integrity Monitoring and File Reputation Scoring, PEM 4.11 provides Endpoint Detection and Remediation (EDR) of Advanced Threats at Enterprise scale

May 27, 2015

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NEEDHAM, Mass. May 19, 2015Promisec, a pioneer in endpoint detection and remediation, today announced a comprehensive endpoint detection and remediation (EDR) solution with the launch of Promisec Endpoint Manager(PEM) 4.11, a fully automated enterprise-class agentless software solution that provides organizations with full visibility and control of endpoints and servers.

With Promisec Endpoint Manager 4.11, enterprises can know in a matter of minutes which systems are actively running malicious software somewhere in their organization and then enable them to do something about it. In the process, PEM differentiates known threats from suspicious actors from unknown changes in an enterprise environment. 

By coupling enterprise-level file integrity monitoring (FIM) with deep visibility into operational advanced threats through integration to VirusTotal, enterprises can quickly identify systems that are actively running and are compromised with late breaking advanced threats.

More than just calculating an MD5 hash for running processes, Promisec distinguishes problems from the normal changes in a company’s environment. This allows companies to respond to the real issues plaguing them and filter out the background noise. In so doing, Promisec Endpoint Manager delivers true Endpoint threat Detection and Response (EDR), without the need for deploying agents. 

“With the number of attacks and breaches continuously on the rise and with an insufficient number of skilled investigators, companies are scrambling for tools that can pick up the slack and get them the answers they need faster,” said Dan Ross, CEO of Promisec. “We are excited to provide a solution that identifies active threats and malware at truly enterprise scale and speed.”

PEM 4.11 capabilities include the following:

·  Real-Time File Reputation Intelligence – Many endpoint solutions can quickly generate a list of hashes for running processes but they are unable to identify a potential security issue. PEM 4.11 functions out of the box to determine the actual problems and potential problems for each endpoint without deploying agents.

· Cost effective –Unlike similarEndpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions on the market, Promisec ships with a built-in, integrated solution to the largest community threat data source, VirusTotal, and only requires purchasing a license for the Promisec Cyber module. Similar solutions require the customer to provide a license to a threat feed source on top of purchasing a connector.

· Agentless Deployment – PEM 4.11 deploys quickly, even during a cyber-threat investigation, unlike many other EDR solutions, which require deploying agents to endpoints in order to provide detection and remediation.

· Rapid Threat Detection – PEM 4.11 shortens the time it takes to identify change in a company’s environment and determine whether this change is due to an advanced threat. This enables a cyber-threat investigator to cut thru the noise of change that happens in large environments.

Promisec Endpoint Manager is the first and only agentless solution that delivers 100% Endpoint Detection and Remediation capabilities across all desktop, laptop and server systems supporting Windows, Linux and Mac, while extending the value of a company’s existing information security investments. The EDR product provides a single application view across Security, Cyber Investigations, Compliance and Software Inventory Asset management leveraging patented, agentless technology to quickly and remotely inspect your entire endpoint environment to uncover, analyze, and remediate abnormalities that lead to advanced attacks, failed audits or faulty business intelligence.

About Promisec

Promisec is a pioneer in endpoint visibility and remediation, empowering organizations to avoid threats and disarm attacks that can lead to unwanted headlines and penalties. Promisec’s technology assures users that their endpoints are secure, audits are clean, regulations are met and vulnerabilities are addressed proactively to ensure the integrity of enterprise IT. The Promisec Endpoint Management solution provides the power of agentless visibility and remediation before these threats can have impact, ensuring endpoint security, compliance and operational efficiency. More than 450 globally recognized companies trust in Promisec to stay secure, compliant and operationally efficient. Visit for more information.

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