PineApp Unveils Mail Encryption Software

New encryption solution prevents email data leaks and ensures compliance

November 25, 2008

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24 November 2008: With encryption widely recognized as the only effective way to ensure data protection, PineApp has introduced its first full mail encryption solution. PineApp Mail Encryption Solution provides centralized management for email security that requires no training for users, who simply send and receive emails as normal. PineApp Mail Encryption Solution is integrated with PineApp's award-winning Mail-SeCure appliance that also provides powerful perimeter security and comprehensive anti-spam, anti-virus, content filtering and email management tools. As encryption is designated to protect sensitive content only, not all emails need to be protected. System administrators who use PineApp Mail Encryption Solution effortlessly define a set of rules that determine what gets encrypted, for example all email coming into or leaving the legal department, outgoing emails to a specific recipient / domain, or all emails with Excel attachments. Once configured, the encryption process is automatic and encrypted emails are sent to named recipients who simply need to register as authorized PineApp Mail Encryption Solution users in order to open the encrypted message. All message encryptions are performed in a central encryption and certificate management platform called PineApp Secure Email System (SES). The SES automatically handles the creation, issuing and management of encryption keys and digital certificates and provides full reporting and audit trails to meet compliance requirements such as HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes Oxley. "Email is now the main means of business communication and the value of corporate knowledge and sensitive information in email is often overlooked when it comes to data protection," says Hezi Erez, PineApp CEO. "PineApp Mail Encryption Solution now provides a simple, cost-effective and scalable way to secure data in transit and combined with Mail-SeCure, delivers a complete email security and management solution." Address: 8 Hata'asia street, Nesher, Israel, 36601, Tel: +972-4-8212321, Fax: +972-4-8203676 Email: [email protected] Web:

The first customer shipment (FCS) of PineApp Mail Encryption Solution is Q1/2009, and PineApp is offering a special promotional 25% discount on all orders for any model received by the end of this quarter.

For enhanced network security, PineApp offers a full range of security products. Mail-SeCure is a perimeter security appliance that protects the company and its networks from malicious email and spam attacks. Surf-SeCure is an in-line, real-time filtering appliance for internet-based threats and web surfing policy management. SeCure-SoHo offers a complete all-in-one security solution for small businesses. Lastly, Archive-SeCure helps organisations protect valuable knowledge and meet legislative requirements for email retrieval by encrypting and storing all email communications based on pre-defined rules for retention and recovery policy. For more information on PineApp network and email system security solutions, please visit ### About PineApp ( PineApp is a leader in securing networks and email systems and offers comprehensive appliance solutions for small, medium and large organisations. Founded in 2002, PineApp is headquartered in Israel, with branch offices in the UK, US, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Russia and Singapore. In the past years PineApp has specialized in email and content security systems and already has significant presence in more than 50 countries.

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