PGP Corporation, Protegrity Partner To Provide Continuous End-To-End Security

Joint solutions will bring together desktop data protection and server data protection

May 21, 2010

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Menlo Park, CA / Stamford, CT 19 May 2010 – PGP Corporation, a global leader in trusted data protection, and Protegrity USA, Inc., an innovative leader in providing Data Security Management Solutions, today announced a new partnership to provide enterprise users with the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end encryption of sensitive data throughout its lifecycle and wherever it flows. Solutions from PGP Corporation and Protegrity will bring together desktop data protection and server data protection – all under centralized and automated key management, policy management, and administration.

The unique PGP Corporation and Protegrity approach leverages the three pillars of total protection for sensitive data: (1) end-to-end encryption for any kind of sensitive data in any location; (2) automated key management; and (3) centralized administration and reporting to address compliance. The integration of PGP Corporation’s market-leading suite of trusted data protection solutions to protect sensitive data wherever it goes with Protegrity’s product offerings for those customers that require database encryption, tokenization, format-controlled encryption, and masking delivers the only true end-to-end data protection solution of its kind in today’s market.

“We couldn’t be more pleased that we are now able to bring our customers the first true end-to-end data protection solution to protect their sensitive data regardless of where it resides and how it is used,” said Jim Adkins, VP of Products and Technology, PGP Corporation. “Through this partnership of data protection market leaders, we also can now provide our customers with a more complete encryption offering for those that require database protection, tokenization and a format-controlled encryption solution.”

With trusted data protection solutions from PGP Corporation and Protegrity, organizations can tap market leading security technologies to ensure data access is always governed by policy, along with the ability to verify compliance with policy to business auditors. Organizations that need to comply with PCI Data Security Standard can also leverage the PGP Corporation and Protegrity offering as an end-to-end encryption solution to provide total protection for sensitive cardholder data.

“By partnering with PGP Corporation, the leader in trusted data protection, we are able to provide our customers who are looking for total protection of their sensitive data the ability to extend their existing database and server-based encryption to the endpoints and everywhere in between,” said Iain Kerr, CEO, Protegrity. “Organizations will have the ability to enforce policies for sensitive data protection that define what information must be protected, who has access to it, and how it can be used. This will allow customers to comply with a variety of business policies, industry rules, laws, and regulations and verify their compliance to policy with auditors.”

The partnered solutions provided by PGP Corporation and Protegrity create true end-to-end encryption for any enterprise requirement. End-to-end encryption is defined by this partnership as: encryption occurring at the point where sensitive data is acquired, to intermediary points across networks, operating systems, storage systems, applications, databases, emails, files, and to any endpoint device. In every instance, any attempt to read the data requires use of an authorized key. Without the key, the sensitive data stays unreadable and remains protected.

“This partnership delivers one of the most compelling end-to-end encryption solutions in today’s market,” said Jon Oltsik, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “The degree of total data protection PGP Corporation and Protegrity are offering will be especially attractive for companies that are looking to comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, state data protection and breach notification laws, and other mandates, industry regulations, and security best practices.”

To learn more about total data protection solutions available from PGP Corporation and Protegrity, please contact [email protected].

About PGP Corporation

PGP Corporation is a global leader in email and data encryption software. Based on a unified key management and policy infrastructure, the PGP' Encryption Platform offers the broadest set of integrated applications for enterprise data security. PGP' platform-enabled applications allow organizations to meet current needs and expand as security requirements evolve for email, laptops, desktops, instant messaging, smartphones, network storage, file transfers, automated processes, and backups.

PGP' solutions are used by more than 110,000 enterprises, businesses, and governments worldwide, including 87 percent of the Fortune' 100, 73 percent of the Fortune' Global 100, 80 percent of the German DAX index, and 60 percent of the U.K. FTSE 100 Index. As a result, PGP Corporation has earned a global reputation for innovative, standards-based, and trusted solutions. PGP solutions help protect confidential information, secure customer data, achieve regulatory and audit compliance, and safeguard companies' brands and reputations. Contact PGP Corporation at

About Protegrity

Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut USA, Protegrity delivers centralized data security management solutions that protect sensitive information from acquisition to deletion across the enterprise. Protegrity's customers maintain complete protection over their data and business by employing software and solutions specifically designed to secure data, manage the data via a centralized policy, and generate detailed security reports.

The company's singular focus is on developing solutions that protect data. Protegrity employees are security technology specialists with deep expertise in data security techniques, encryption key management, and security policy in distributed environments. Maximize security with minimal business impact with Protegrity Data Protection System, the high performance, transparent solution optimized for the dynamic enterprise.

To learn more, visit or call 203.326.7200.

Protegrity is a registered trademark of Protegrity Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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