Features include instant messaging proxy, HTTP and SMTP proxy enhancements, and new reporting options

March 31, 2009

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AMES, Iowa, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Palisade Systems, a leading provider of data loss prevention solutions, today announced the latest release of its award-winning network appliance PacketSure 7.5, which includes several new and enhanced features such as instant messaging proxy, rule agent enhancements, discovery agent enhancements for data-at-rest, etc. These features, along with PacketSure's "plug and play" capability, which enables it to be operational within an hour of installation on an organization's network, are important reasons why a number of new enterprise customers have chosen Palisade Systems over competing data loss prevention vendors.

The introduction of PacketSure 7.5 marks twelve months of extensive research and testing from the time the previous version was launched in February 2008. The rich feature set in PacketSure 7.5 is a direct result of working with hundreds of Palisade's DLP.

"The free secure assessments we've been performing for hundreds of customers each year demonstrate a real-world need for a DLP solution like PacketSure 7.5 that can not only identify, monitor and block sensitive data, but also provide assistance in locking down nearly two hundred network communication protocols that are used to improperly access unauthorized content," said Kurt Shedenhelm, CEO and president of Palisade Systems. "By becoming a business partner in our customers' efforts to contain their data loss we will be able to build better DLP solutions that not only address their needs today but also solve future challenges."

New and enhanced features included in PacketSure 7.5 include:

-- Instant messaging proxy: blocking of instant messages based on user-determined content such as keywords, numbers, fingerprinted documents, and more. With this feature, end users can prevent sensitive information from leaving the organization's network through the following instant-messaging applications:

  • AIM5

    • MSN

    • Yahoo

    • Jabber/Google -- Discovery agent enhancements for data-at-rest: PacketSure 7.5 can now scan data-at-rest for the same potential data leaks as data-in-motion.

    • Scan remote drives: The discovery agent now has the ability to scan drives housed on different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc), for organizations that may have employees working on different OS's within the same company.

    • Added detection methods: the administrator can now determine whether individuals may be storing or hoarding sensitive data on their computers, and can choose to monitor these users or request that the data be removed. -- Rule engine enhancements: Allows administrators to more easily customize the way that policies are dictated.

    • More granular content analysis allows administrators to pick and choose the actions to be taken for different user groups, streamlining the reporting and blocking process to better fit the organization's needs.

    • User can select different content analysis methods per rule: For example, an administrator could set the appliance to only log instances of Social Security number usage for users in the HR department, but to block SSNs for users outside of HR. -- HTTP proxy enhancements

    • Control based on user groups/zones: The administrator can set different actions to be taken for specific users or groups during Web browsing activities such as webmail

    • Actions can be based on content analysis type , such as PCI, PHI, SSN, etc. Administrators can choose to block some types of content while simply logging others. -- SMTP proxy enhancements

    • Control based on sender ID: Administrators can control what information can and cannot be passed from specific users of corporate e-mail accounts. If the administrator knows that particular individuals have clearance to deal with certain types of sensitive data, those individuals can be given clearance while others are blocked.

    • Actions can again be based on content analysis type -- Enhanced advanced reporting and alerting features allow for highly customized deep analysis. For example, an administrator can set up alerts or run reports based on "either-or" queries specific to e-mail addresses, users, and content types - completely customizing how sensitive data is tracked, reported, and blocked. -- URL filtering bypass option - passwords to bypass Web filtering protocols can be given to chosen users

      "DLP is emerging as an important information security control, with capabilities beyond those traditionally affiliated with monitoring. The DLP market, although still comparatively new, is rapidly becoming mainstream in the U.S., and is gaining significant attention and traction in Europe and Asia," notes Gartner, Inc., in "Magic Quadrant for Content Monitoring and Filtering and Data Loss Prevention," Eric Ouellet and Paul Proctor, June, 2008.

      Pricing and Availability:

      PacketSure 7.5 will begin shipping on or around April 1, 2009 and is available through any of Palisade's more than 130 authorized channel partners. Pricing begins at $8,000 annually. For more information, please contact Palisade's sales department at 1.888.824.0720.

      About Palisade Systems, Inc.

      Palisade Systems, Inc., is the leading pioneer of enterprise content security and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, with over 800 domestic and global customers. Palisade's patented DLP product, PacketSure, is the industry's only all-in-one appliance that can be installed and running in less than one hour; a cost savings to customers of hundreds of thousands of dollars. PacketSure helps organizations proactively secure intellectual property and private client information from leaking outside the network, define and enforce access to internal network resources, and enforce compliance with federal privacy and industry security regulations. Palisade Systems customers include prominent clients in healthcare, financial services, insurance industries, along with universities and school districts. For more information, please visit http://www.palisadesystems.com or contact Palisade's sales department at 1.888.824.0720.

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