OpenText Launches New Secure Messaging Cloud Services

Secure Mail and Secure MFT support information exchange processes

November 22, 2013

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ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- At the 2013 Enterprise World conference in Orlando, Florida, OpenText(TM) (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC), the global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), today announced the release of two new secure messaging services designed to help organizations share information easily in a secure and integrated cloud environment. Secure Mail and Secure MFT (Managed File Transfer) are new messaging solutions that support information exchange processes, enhance productivity, shorten transaction cycles, and improve customer communication - all while helping to strengthen compliance, data sovereignty and security measures.

Heightened concerns over security and compliance combined with global demands for information sharing are driving organizations to examine their information exchange methods for productivity, security and compliance gaps. Today's methods for sharing information are fragmented and can include a combination of unsecure systems such as email, FTP servers, unmanaged consumer cloud sharing services and mailing of physical media such as USB drives. These ad-hoc, fragmented solutions are resource-intensive, not user friendly, and unable to provide the level of security and auditing needed to meet today's compliance requirements.

"Organizations need easy, integrated, and trusted solutions to support all business information exchange processes both inside and outside of the organization," said Gary Weiss, senior vice president, Information Exchange and Cloud, OpenText. "Today's release of an integrated set of secure messaging services is a milestone toward realizing our vision of exchanging information between anyone, anywhere, in any format. No matter the distance or the device, securely exchanging information should be easy for the user and flexible to meet their changing environments."

Secure Mail is a cloud-based secure messaging solution for encrypting, tracking and preventing the leakage of confidential information. Combined with Secure MFT, a managed file transfer solution for the secure sharing of large files, users can quickly and easily send secure messages with attachments of any size from standard desktop tools such as all browsers, mobile clients, and email applications. Each service is designed to support the flexible and efficient exchange of information, while instilling confidence that the information is accessible and secure.

This release delivers a single, unified interface for messaging services for secure mail and managed file transfer. Key features include:

-- Secure Messaging - Protect emails and attachments with enterprise level

encryption and password protection

-- Large File Acceleration - Transfer very large files up to 80x times

quicker than traditional methods through our patent-pending Storm


-- Data Loss Prevention - Control the type of information that leaves the

organization and prevent unintended disclosure

-- Real-time Audit Trail - Track every event in the e-mail lifecycle after

it leaves your outbox with a patented delivery slip

-- Desktop, Mobile and System Integrations - Leverage everyday tools, such

as Outlook or any business system, for a seamless user experience

-- Extensive API's -Integrate secure messaging services directly into

existing applications and processes The new products are architected around a platform of integrated cloud services which help organizations quickly adopt secure messaging services as needed, to support the goal of meeting corporate and sovereignty guidelines. As business requirements expand, additional messaging services can quickly be deployed as part of this integrated suite.


OpenText Secure Mail and OpenText Secure MFT are available immediately from OpenText and select partners. To learn more, please visit

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