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December 4, 2015

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Kansas City, Missouri—December 2, 2015— Privacy solutions company SpiderOak today launched Kloak, a secure and private social networking application for iOS and Android. The company also announced the upcoming release of its new password manager, Encryptr, set to be available for all major desktop and mobile devices. Both of these products offer Zero Knowledge end-to-end encryption of messaging and passwords and are built on the SpiderOak Crypton Framework.

Kloak is designed to offer white-listed status sharing between colleagues and friends. Unlike other social networks, connections require two-way peer verification. Public user discovery is not offered through the product and instead Kloak relies on out-of-band sharing of Contact Cards for added security. Many social networks today offer rich data mining opportunities for advertisers and organizations. As a privacy-led endeavor, Kloak is designed with user privacy as its focus and timeline information is both private and unavailable to the service operator.

Encryptr simplifies password management for multi-device users who value privacy. Users are able to store a variety of text-based content in the application including username and password combinations, credit card information, and private notes. Living outside the browser, the application provides an additional level of security not found in the password manager market. Encryptr will be publicly available later this month and interested users can signup for early access at

“The world deserves tools like password managers with a sustainable and verifiable security architecture: 100% open source, professionally audited, cloud-based, Zero Knowledge, and easy to use,” said Mike McCamon, president of SpiderOak  “The threat model for cloud applications continues to expand from frequent security breaches compromising sensitive user information through extensive and invasive data mining of user activity.”

SpiderOak products use a Zero Knowledge architecture which encrypts data prior to transfer from the user’s computer or device to a secure server. Users are the sole maintainer of the keys required to decrypt and read the data.  By using this design, SpiderOak can never know more than the client’s username, billing information, email address, and the amount of data stored in the user’s account.

To learn more about Kloak, Encryptr, Crypton, and other privacy products, please visit


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