OneID Delivers Online Shoppers Safely to the Front Of The Checkout Line In A Single Click With OneID QuickFill

Chrome browser extension lets users create and store their personal identities encrypted in a secure cloud

February 22, 2013

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – February 21, 2013 – OneID, the first digital identity provider to eliminate the need for usernames and passwords, has made it easier and safer for consumers to shop online at the nation's largest retailers. Consumers can now make purchases using their digital identities through a new browser extension announced today called OneID QuickFill. Using OneID QuickFill, users can securely retrieve their encrypted information from their OneID account and fly through the checkout process.

"Today's QuickFill extension pairs the ease of an automatic form-fill tool with an unmatched level of personal security. And it can be used effectively on any form-based site on the web," said Alex Doll, CEO of OneID. "The QuickFill extension is an excellent introduction for people to the new way of managing their online identity through OneID. With the full OneID experience, consumers will go from 'add to cart' to 'confirm order' in a single click, and they will see how different the future can be."

The OneID QuickFill extension delivers several compelling benefits:

• Breeze through forms with ease: When facing yet another form, people can simply click on the OneID QuickFill extension button. OneID instantly maps the person's profile data to the form fields and upon approval, releases their information.

• Guaranteed accuracy on the most popular sites: The OneID QuickFill extension has been exhaustively tested on Internet Retailer's Top 500 web sites, delivering accuracy and ease on the most frequently used forms.

• Complete OneID security: Personal information is completely encrypted and only shared upon approval. That provides the ease of automatic form fill plus a level of security that can't be found on browser-based form-fill tools.

• Improve the product in real time: With the 'intelligent mapping' feature, QuickFill users can fix and save mapping in real time so every future QuickFill user will experience 100% accuracy on that site.

"This crowdsourcing model applied through the intelligent mapping is unique to the QuickFill extension and true to OneID's mission of empowering the individual," said Doll. "We wanted to give our user community the ability to immediately improve the mapping of OneID information to the form on any web site. In this way, the product experience is constantly improving as people use it."

When people download the OneID QuickFill extension, they simultaneously create a OneID account for themselves which unlocks even more convenience and security features on sites like and that have integrated OneID. Each of OneID's three product buttons – "Sign In," "QuickFill" and "Checkout" – enable single-click or single-tap experiences on any device, saving time while also improving security. OneID's powerful technology stores the user's personal data encrypted in three separate locations. With the single point of compromise removed, consumers enjoy greatly enhanced security and reassurance that only they can access their information.

As many as nine million Americans have their identities stolen each year, according to Federal Trade Commission estimates, and in 2012, identity fraud cost Americans a staggering $27 billion. During just the past two years, more than 280 million passwords have been stolen and posted online for the taking. What's worse, 49% of those impacted had reused usernames and passwords between the hacked sites, making identity theft easier than ever. With eMarketer forecasting the number of US online shoppers on a continued climb, hitting 175 million by 2016, the time for education and a new way at looking at digital identity is now.

With today's announcement, people can benefit from OneID at any site they select, not just where merchants have chosen to implement and benefit from OneID merchant tools. The OneID QuickFill extension is free and available now in the Chrome Store or at Availability is coming soon for Safari and Firefox.

Sign up for your free OneID account today. For further information, visit or follow OneID on the Company blog, Facebook and Twitter .

Also, read the blog post about the new Chrome Extension.

About OneID

OneID is the first digital identity provider to eliminate the need for usernames, passwords and site-specific accounts, making the online experience simpler and more secure. OneID enables online transactions without typing by instantly recognizing individuals through their unique digital identity. OneID combines advanced, military-grade cryptography and a distributed cloud architecture to authenticate users through registered devices, like computers and smartphones. For businesses, OneID reduces fraud and eliminates the costs and risks associated with managing and securing customer accounts and data. Based in Redwood City, Calif., OneID was created by search engine Infoseek founder Steve Kirsch and is backed by Khosla Ventures and North Bridge Venture Partners. For more information or to create your OneID, visit

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