ObserveIT Monitors Third Parties And Privileged Users

ObserveIT 5.6.8 includes new tracking parameters, detailed graphical charts, and DBA auditing

October 22, 2013

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October 21, 2013 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time-NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ObserveIT, an industry-leading provider of user activity recording and auditing technology, today introduced ObserveIT 5.6.8. The behavior monitoring software solution is already in use in more than 800 corporations in 70+ countries, where it is used for auditing, tracking and recording 3rd-party and internal privileged user behavior with real-time, context-aware video monitoring within any server environment. ObserveIT augments the traditional access management and logging systems, by adding video playback of user activities, helping IT management clearly and easily understand who did what and when.

ObserveIT version 5.6.8 includes new features that enable deeper insight into user activity and help flag interactions with sensitive data. New tracking parameters, detailed graphical charts and database administrator (DBA) auditing all add granularity and valuable detail to the system's reporting capabilities. Seeing user activities that fall outside normal behavior is as simple as pushing play to view the video.

Monitoring users' activities within corporate computer systems is increasing in importance, in part because of ongoing insider threats and the growing reliance on outside consultants. A Verizon survey published May 2013 showed that misuse by accredited, privileged users accounted for 13% of the breaches in the last 12 months. Compliance requirements are also dramatically increasing – with monitoring, auditing and tracking data all necessary for compliance with regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and Sarbanes-Oxley.

"A single video is worth a thousand logs," said Gaby Friedlander, CTO and co-founder of ObserveIT. "For most companies, once the 'privileged' user gains access to sensitive data systems, there's been no easy way to track their behavior. With ObserveIT, we've been able to offer corporations a window into user behavior that was previously obscured."

ObserveIT captures a detailed textual log and video recording of every action in areas where a company feels it useful to track user activities. Reporting is generated in natural language, not buried in a list of security protocols and logging software. Additionally, with ObserveIT video sessions, irregular actions are flagged and reported to administrators, eliminating the need to sift through hours of video.

"We need to be able to see exactly what internal and 3rd-party users were doing on our systems," said Paul Leger, CISA/Manager of Information Security for Atlantic Lottery Corporation. "ObserveIT's solution can tell us this in fine-grained detail that you can't get anywhere else."

Other new features of ObserveIT 5.6.8 include:

· Threat Detection Console – A new dashboard that highlights non-compliant activity of users, such as unusual amounts of night/weekend accessing of information, usage from infrequently used applications or computers, or remote access sessions of unauthorized users.

· DBA Activity Auditing – Monitoring SQL queries executed by DBAs against production databases. This highlights the date, results, users, server, login ID or any text contained within the queries.

· Graphical User & Server Statistics – Charting of individual user or server activity in a pie chart and bar graph of number or recorded frames, by day, during a selected time period.

· Advanced Keylogger for Unix/Linux– While ObserveIT has always captured every user-executed command, the new version captures all output to the terminal screen.

· URL Exclude for Web Browser Capture – Administrators can now specify website URLs which will not be recorded.

About ObserveIT

ObserveIT, a leading provider of server monitoring and auditing technology, makes life easier for IT managers, security and compliance officers. Founded in 2006, ObserveIT's fifth-generation system offers IT executives a method to clearly and easily understand who did what, when within the corporate IT environment. ObserveIT enhances the ability to audit, monitor, track and record user behavior with real-time, context-aware video monitoring within the server. ObserveIT is currently in use in more than 800 corporations in 70+ countries, and has become a standard for many network environments with market-leading and enterprise-grade functionality. For more information on the company, visitwww.observeIT.com or on Twitter @ObserveIT.

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