nuBridges Launches Tokenization Partner Program

Program designed to support software application vendors that want to leverage tokenization to help their customers reduce scope for PCI DSS audits

March 3, 2010

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nuBridges announced today a partner program for software application vendors that want to leverage tokenization to support their customers in reducing scope for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance and audits, as well as eliminating points of risk related to the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI). The no-cost nuBridges Tokenization Partner Program is designed to help third-party vendors integrate and test their complementary solutions with nuBridges Protect Token Manager, nuBridges' Format Preserving Tokenization solution.

"Tokenization is gaining traction with companies that want to reduce the initial and ongoing costs of PCI DSS compliance and extend their data security initiatives to protect all types of customer, employee and company-confidential PII and sensitive PHI," said Gary Palgon, vice president of Product Management at nuBridges. "This high level of customer interest is driving third-party application vendors, such as point of sale (POS), catalog and order fulfillment, and fraud detection solution providers to enable their software to utilize tokens in place of credit card numbers. With limited knowledge of this new data security model, many application vendors need assistance to accomplish the conversion rapidly and with the least possible development impact. They also want to assure CISOs that their applications will support tokenization. The nuBridges Tokenization Partner Program provides this professional technical assistance and customer assurance."

nuBridges Protect Token Manager is particularly well-suited for this initiative because all integration is via standardized web services interfaces, which many applications already support; and because Format Preserving Tokenization makes the tokens transparent to the applications and to business processes that use the data. "nuBridges' combination of web services interfaces and Format Preserving Tokenization makes it easy for most software application vendors to support tokenization," added Palgon.

Pottsville, PA-based EXTOL International, a leading provider of business integration software and services, is one of the charter members of the new partner program.

"As a provider of business integration middleware solutions, EXTOL is delighted to be part of the nuBridges' Tokenization Partner Program," said James O'Leary, vice president of Product Management, EXTOL. "The combination of nuBridges' industry-leading tokenization solution and EXTOL's wide-ranging integration capabilities is a natural choice for companies seeking to reduce both risk and PCI DSS scope."

Program Benefits and Services

Participation in the nuBridges Tokenization Partner Program enables software application vendors to help their customers gain an extra layer of data security; reduce PCI audit scope and the initial and annual costs of PCI DSS compliance and audits; and to expand beyond payment card number protection to protect any type of sensitive and confidential information. For applications that already have web services interfaces, sandbox testing can usually be completed in hours.

The nuBridges Tokenization Partner Program includes the following services:

* No cost to test qualified third-party solutions with nuBridges Protect Token Manager; * Education and guidance on tokenization; * Assistance in enabling third-party applications to utilize tokens in place of credit card numbers; * Access to the nuBridges tokenization solution on-premise, as a service in the cloud, or in the nuBridges laboratory; * Complimentary technical assistance with training and implementation, including web services integration, instruction on using WSDL, LDAP/Active Directory integration and more.

Joining the nuBridges Tokenization Partner Program

Qualified software vendors are invited to join the nuBridges Tokenization Partner Program. More information is available at

About nuBridges Protect

nuBridges Protect was the first, and remains the only commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for data protection that combines a new variation of tokenization—Format Preserving Tokenization—with strong local encryption, unified key management and logging in one platform-agnostic package. Designed for companies that want to maintain control of their data in-house, this solution gives organizations a choice of data protection models to secure both payment card numbers and personally identifiable information.

About nuBridges

nuBridges provides technology solutions for extended enterprises that share sensitive data across applications, departments and organizations, and face complex security and compliance mandates. Its data encryption, data tokenization, key management, managed file transfer and EDI solutions help customers get information from point A to point B; do it safely; and prove compliance. Proven in production, nuBridges software and services scale across heterogeneous enterprise environments, including legacy systems, and offer unified visibility for improved analysis, decision support and administrative efficiency. nuBridges solutions and support have established a new standard of quality for the industry, and are trusted by the world's most demanding organizations to exchange and protect billions of payment card transactions, personal data records and business-critical file transfers. More information is available at

nuBridges Protect and Format Preserving Tokenization are trademarks of nuBridges, Inc.

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