Norman Patch and Remediation Version 7 offers vulnerability audits and remediation

May 13, 2011

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FAIRFAX, Va., May 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A universal law enforcement axiom states that criminals prefer to trespass through vulnerable open or unlocked doors or windows. In the IT and software industries, the same rule prevails.

Approximately nine in 10 cyber attacks exploit known computer security flaws.

Criminals using malicious software prefer the easy path: attacking client-side software that is vulnerable because software patch management is out of date, often by months and even years, leaving computers wide open. For example, for months the Conficker worm continued to spread to millions of computers worldwide through a security hole in Windows Server Service -- despite Microsoft publishing a patch for this vulnerability.

Unpatched email and other ubiquitous desktop productivity applications are an open invitation to criminal botnets -- often resulting in expensive losses and damage for IT departments. Nearly two dozen software vulnerabilities are discovered each day (, so IT departments need to make patching a top priority.

Norman, a leading security company offering products protecting SMB, enterprise and government networks and consumer desktops, today announced that Norman Patch and Remediation Version 7 offers the latest automated vulnerability and patch management capabilities available.

"Norman Patch and Remediation is the premier vulnerability management solution that addresses the major OS platforms plus the most used third-party applications, all from a state-of-the-art console," said Audun Lodemel, vice president, marketing. "This solution significantly reduces the exposure to cybercriminals and malware risk while decreasing the cost of endpoint operations and compliance reporting requirements."

Norman Patch and Remediation delivers:

* Vulnerability audits and remediation with support across major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, Sun Solaris and HP, allowing risk to be managed in the most complex IT environments -- from a single console * Rapid, accurate and secure patch management for popular applications from vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe and Apple * A console that provides web-, role- and workflow-based navigation to simplify and optimize endpoint operations * Comprehensive patch, remediation and configuration capabilities * Continuous monitoring and enforcement

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About Norman ASA

Founded in Norway in 1984, Norman ASA is a global leader and pioneer in proactive content security solutions and forensics malware tools. Norman's proactive antimalware solutions, including malware analysis tools, network security and endpoint protection, are powered by patented Norman SandBox' technology and used by security solutions providers around the world.

Norman's unified core antimalware protection for clients, servers and network security are delivered as products and services designed to protect business communications and resources, including corporate and government networks and applications, remote employees, branch offices and extranets. Norman's solutions are available through Norman subsidiaries and a network of global partners. For more information, visit

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