NewMomentum Releases CyberAnalyst 2.0 For Combating Online Brand Abuses

CyberAnalyst 2.0 introduces a new presentation layer to the solution dashboard

February 11, 2011

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Feb. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NewMomentum, the premier solution provider for online Brand Protection, announced today the release of its CyberAnalyst 2.0 platform, which provides significant enhancements to its complete, integrated approach to identifying and stopping online counterfeiters and gray market offenders.

CyberAnalyst 2.0 delivers new functionality to users of NewMomentum's advanced technology for the global monitoring of online marketplaces and rogue websites. Multi-level categorization enables the placing of suspects into multiple "buckets" to accommodate parallel paths for analysis of key targets. Enhancements in NewMomentum's proprietary Company Risk Index and Listings Risk Index significantly broaden the criteria that can be utilized in the custom ranking algorithms that prioritize suspects. Advanced search and customizable export capabilities allow users to easily tailor usage to their specific needs.

CyberAnalyst 2.0 also introduces a new presentation layer to the solution dashboard. Based on Microsoft's Silverlight technology, CyberAnalyst 2.0 provides a more complete and intuitive content display, while at the same time enabling a faster display of larger amounts of data and improving cross-browser support.

The new capabilities make it appealing to investigative companies like IPCybercrime that need to find high value targets to pursue on behalf of their clients. "NewMomentum's CyberAnalyst is not only the easiest product to use in its space, it is the best product I've seen that allows you to easily manage vast amounts of data on suspects selling online. As an investigator for many brand holders, CyberAnalyst gives me a clear picture of what is going on with each brand online, and helps me properly develop and qualify targets," said Rob Holmes, CEO of IPCybercrime.

"We are extremely pleased to announce this new generation of our industry-leading online brand protection program," said Pam Passaretti, CEO of NewMomentum. "The feedback from our beta customers has been excellent. In addition to enhancements in our ranking of suspects, with CyberAnalyst 2.0 we've seen a significant uptick in customer utilization of both the platform and our data analyst services for enforcement actions like auction shutdowns and cease and desist letters. The results speak for themselves."

CyberAnalyst 2.0 is compatible with previous versions of NewMomentum's brand protection platform. For additional CyberAnalyst product information, or to schedule an online product demonstration, contact NewMomentum at 415-524-8300.

About NewMomentum

NewMomentum offers a complete software, services and partner suite of offerings that combat the rapidly increasing revenue, profit, brand, and market share erosion resulting from global outsourcing and Internet trading. The company's solutions, which provide unmatched visibility into the global open market, include Enterprise Brand Protection (anti-counterfeiting), Enterprise Channel Integrity (monitors, reports on and acts on gray market violations), and MAP Monitor (tracks Minimum Advertised Price violations by authorized distributors).

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