New Secure Webmail Platform Provides End-to-End Encryption solution also features a more intuitive webmail user interface and shared calendar and address book functionality

July 9, 2010

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Panama City,–, developer of the world’s most comprehensive suite of anonymous surfing and internet privacy tools, today debuted a robust, secure enterprise-class webmail platform that adds encryption capabilities for all data contained in email messages, including attachments. The new feature contributes to comprehensive, end-to-end encryption to offer users an even higher-level of protection and security in email communication. “We developed our own encryption module, and we block all non-SSL connections for total email security” said network architect James MacDonald.

The new platform also features a more intuitive webmail user interface and shared calendar and address book functionality. An enhanced mobile interface for secure access via Blackberry and other popular mobile devices will launch in the next month.

With email servers located in Panama City, Panama, customers connect to its secure email via an SSL connection, which is similar in strength to Internet banking. The platform is seamless, web-based and accessible from anywhere—giving it a huge advantage over application-based email that leaves information on your hard drive.

In addition to the new features, email customers still enjoy some of the same benefits, including:

Activity Summary Page: CIP Mail’s default landing page includes a summary of activity, where customers can check data relating to new messages, calendar entries, tasks and recent logins.

Tabbed Browsing: Users manipulate tabs for quick message navigation.

Simple Mailbox Organization: Sort messages by “subject,” “date” or “email address” and manage folders for sorting and archiving messages via a tree-style folder menu.

This new secure offshore webmail platform is available starting at US$5.99/month. For more information, visit

In addition to secure webmail services, Connect In Private offers anonymous surfing, smart phone privacy, PC cleaner software and secure meeting solutions. Customers benefit from the security of VPNs that tunnel to secure offshore servers, concealing their actual IP addresses to facilitate completely anonymous browsing.

About Connect In Private Corp.

Connect In Private is a network services provider and international software development company working to improve privacy and security online. Providing secure VPN services, secure offshore email, smart phone privacy, PC Cleaner software, web-based secure meeting platforms and more, Connect In Private’s full suite of solutions leverages industry-best network hardware, engineers, administrators and providers for total online privacy and security. For more information, visit:

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