Network That Supports Anonymous Hacker Group Is Compromised

Operators advise users to "stay away" from

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May 10, 2011

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A network frequently used by the members of the hacker group Anonymous has been compromised, according to its operators., an IRC network that provided a forum for members of the Anonymous group as well as other hackers, has been temporarily shut down, according to a message posted by operators over the weekend.

"We regret to inform you today that our network has been compromised by a former IRC-operator and fellow helper named 'Ryan,'" the message says. "He decided that he didn't like the leaderless command structure that AnonOps Network Admins use. So he organized a coup d'etat, with his 'friends' at Using the networks service bot 'Zalgo' he scavenged the IPs and passwords of all the network servers [including the hub] and then systematically aimed denial of service attacks at them, which is why the network has been unstable for the past week.

"Unfortunately he has control of the domain names [and possibly, we don't know at this stage], so we are unable to continue using them," the message continues. "We however still have control over, and will continue to publish news there. We would STRONGLY ADVISE all users to STAY AWAY from and, and they should be considered COMPROMISED."

The operators of AnonOps discounted reports by the press that the compromise signals a mutiny within the Anonymous group.

"We must remind the press AnonOps DOES NOT EQUAL Anonymous," the operators say. "Saying they are one and/or the same thing in a blog/article just makes you look stupid. AnonOps is just a IRC network and a few other services that ANYONE can use. It's not the only place Anonymous gather, and unlikely to be the last."

A list of 653 IP addresses associated with AnonOps was published on the Web. The group denies that the network "has been taken over by the feds," as some had rumored.

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