Nemx Enhances SecurExchange DLP/Compliance Suite

Updates improve performance, extend control, add flexibility over email remediation actions

December 24, 2010

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Ottawa, Canada December 23, 2010 Nemx Software, leaders in email DLP, compliance, and security solutions for Microsoft Exchange, today announced availability of version 2.4 of the SecurExchange DLP and Compliance suite. Enhancements in the underlying SecurExchange platform, as well as a range of new message action and detection features, increase performance, augment flexibility and reduce administration. SecurExchange is unique in its ability to provide both real-time data in motion and data at rest DLP and compliance protection for Exchange email.

Concept-aware Content Analysis

Nemx pioneered concept-based content analysis, designed to detect contextual information concepts rather than merely simple keywords which are prone to high levels of false detections. The latest performance oriented enhancements to this underlying concept-aware analysis engine improves speed and memory utilization. Standard concept filters included with SecurExchange for PCI-DSS credit card detection, Personally Identifiable Information, Confidential Material and several Acceptable Use Policy concepts all benefit from these enhancements.

Enhanced eDiscovery Features

Version 2.4 includes new functionality for discovery searches of messages at rest within the Exchange message store including:

Quarantine Function for Mailbox Search detected messages can be removed from users mailboxes and quarantined for review. Messages can then be actioned (i.e. deleted) or released and returned to its original mailbox location

Recovery Storage Groups now searchable mailbox scans can now include RSGs

Multiple Store/Database Selector restrict eDiscovery searches to specified stores and databases

Date Range Search Restriction restrict eDiscovery results to messages newer than, older than or between specified dates

Single Send Message Notification a single notification message to a mailbox owner can now be sent, rather than one notice per violation, advising them of message policy violations during a mailbox search enhancing productivity and efficiency

New Action Triggers & Policy Restrictions

In addition to SecurExchanges extensive content-based trigger capabilities message actions with version 2.4 can now be triggered based on extended message attributes.

Message Sensitivity policies and rules can now be restricted (or applied) based on the message sensitivity attribute

Sender/Recipient Property Triggers quarantine, copy and send message/notification actions can be based on Active Directory manager and other extension attributes (for example, automatic multi-level quarantine to a users manager, to minimize compliance officer overload, can now be achieved with a single policy)

Closed Discussion Groups enables a single policy to selectively restrict email delivery to a specified AD Distribution List based on a variety or combination of triggers (for instance, delivery of a message from a member of the Executives DL can be restricted to only other Executive DL members if the message Sensitivity Attribute is set to Private, or if some other content-based criteria is met, etc.)

Enhanced Administration Functions

SecurExchange v2.4 can store configuration and rule/policy information at the Organization, Admin Group or Server Group levels enabling SecurExchange to be provisioned as SAAS offerings. In multiple Exchange Server environments changes and modifications to configuration and policy/rule data are automatically propagated to other servers providing centralized, change once update everywhere, management and administration.

Enhanced Signatures & Disclaimer Features

Version 2.4 of SecurExchange Corporate Edition and, when the AutoContent option is added, SecurExchange Perimeter Edition now support the following signature/disclaimer (banner) features:

insert banners on inbound email

insert banners based on any rule/policy criteria (i.e. only insert banner if specified content is contained in the message, or only insert banner if sender from a specified DL, etc.)

do not duplicate banner ignore inserting banner if it is already present in the email (i.e. in a reply chain scenario)

With the release of SecurExchange v2.4 Nemx enhances its technology leadership in email DLP and compliance. Unlike many competitors products, SecurExchange continues to demonstrate clear and significant value beyond the baseline functionality rolled into Exchange 2007 and 2010.

About Nemx Software Corporation

For over 16 years Nemx has provided intelligent, content-aware email monitoring, control and security solutions for Microsoft Exchange. SecurExchange is the technology leader in email-based DLP and compliance solutions protecting our customers against compliance violations, data leakage and other messaging-based threats and liabilities. At Nemx, we're driven by a single, comprehensive vision: to deliver Total e-Mail Peace of Mind.

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