Mozy Launches Next Generation Of Cloud Data Protection Services And Enhances The EMC Data Protection Suite

An integrated Mozy Sync folder keeps files updated and available across multiple computers and mobile devices

November 22, 2013

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SEATTLE, Nov. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mozy®by EMC® today announced the next generation of its cloud data protection service providing enterprises with integrated endpoint data protection, productivity and administration tools for the public cloud, and enhancing EMC's portfolio of backup and archive solutions.

Mozy launches the newest version of its service in response to two changing

dynamics: the growing trend for employees to bring their own devices and applications into the workplace and the need for enterprise IT departments to secure sensitive corporate data created and accessed on those devices without inhibiting productivity.

The next-generation Mozy service enables businesses to avoid the 'accidental architectures' that can be spawned when employees, departments or branch offices take matters into their own hands and adopt quick-fix cloud solutions that lack the security, management and interoperability that enterprises demand. With the introduction of new tools, Mozy bridges the needs of employees and IT departments by offering end users the functionality they want, while empowering the IT team with the controls the business requires.

The new features are the latest developments in the Mozy product set following its earlier transition into EMC's backup and recovery portfolio and are built on the new technology platform - announced in the summer - which allowed Mozy to transition from device-centric data protection to people-centric data protection.

They include:

-- Greater cloud administrative tools for Enterprise IT: Enhanced storage

management saves time and money involved in provisioning and managing

backup at a device level. Further developments in integration with

enterprise software tools allows for faster, more-scalable deployments.

-- Enhanced End User Experience: An integrated Mozy Sync folder keeps files

updated and available across multiple computers and mobile devices. Mozy

also introduces new functionality that ensures faster initial backup

times and greater bandwidth efficiency when backing up large files.

-- New Partner Resources: New API support allows partners and resellers to

integrate with their preferred Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) or

Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems.

The next-generation Mozy service has also been added to the EMC Data Protection Suite, providing a flexible approach to unlocking the value of EMC backup and archive solutions that can evolve to meet customers' changing needs. The EMC Data Protection Suite offers an adaptable licensing model that allows customers and partners to mix and match the usage of individual products to best fit their requirements, while lowering their total cost of ownership and providing investment protection.

MozyEnterprise® now becomes the public cloud component within the EMC Data Protection Suite, enabling EMC customers and partners to extend their individual Protection Storage Architectures to include cloud data protection and access tools for desktops, laptops, mobile devices and remote offices.

"Enterprises today are increasingly looking to hybrid cloud strategies that leverage both private and public cloud solutions to drive maximum flexibility, cost efficiencies and scale," said Russ Stockdale, General Manager of Mozy by EMC. "The next-generation Mozy service, as part of the EMC Data Protection Suite, allows them to do that as part of a comprehensive strategy for data protection from the world's leading data protection company."

The need for a comprehensive backup approach that includes endpoints and remote/branch offices, which can be achieved with Mozy in combination with the other elements of the EMC Data Protection Suite, was highlighted by EMC's IT Trust Curve research, launched this week. Just 44% of companies that had not adopted leading technologies, and fell in the lowest maturity group, stated that they could recover all of their information should they experience data loss.

"It's been a big year for Mozy -- continuing to broaden from consumer to enterprise offerings, and completing its transition into EMC's backup division,"

said Jason Buffington, Senior Data Protection Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "The addition of MozyEnterprise into the EMC Data Protection Suite adds an additional dimension to the EMC solution lineup and a broader range of choices for EMC customers. IT organizations are getting wiser about choosing their data protection tools; and the trend from device-centric to people-centric protection is allowing the IT department to finally be part of the solution (instead of perpetuating the problem) by enabling them to manage all of the organizations' data backups -- regardless of platform, method or final repository. With these trends in full swing, offerings such as MozyEnterprise and the wider EMC Data Protection Suite are looking more and more attractive."

"Month after month, Mozy saves one of our customers from a data disaster of one type or another," said Dave Chase, COO, CAP5 Technology Solutions, a reseller partner in the Mozy channel program. "Mozy continues to innovate and add the features that we need to support our Managed IT Services offering as it evolves with new cloud-based services. Today, Mozy is a significant revenue center in our business as more and more of our end-user customers realize the benefits of the cloud. Now, with the new features in its next-generation data protection service, we're more glad than ever that we found Mozy for our customers!"

Note on availability

The next generation of the Mozy service will be generally available for all Mozy-branded products in all regions in Q4. Services 'powered by Mozy' are subject to schedules to be agreed with the service providers.

About Mozy

Mozy by EMC is the world's most trusted provider of cloud-based data protection solutions, including online backup, access and personal sync. It has more than 6 million customers, including more than 100,000 businesses and 1,000 enterprises, backing up 90 petabytes of information to Mozy's multiple data centers around the globe. Wholly owned by EMC Corporation since 2007, Mozy is an essential component in the EMC backup and recovery solutions portfolio. More information can be found at

EMC is a registered trademark of EMC Corporation. Mozy and MozyEnterprise are registered trademarks of Mozy, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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