Lookout Launches New Security Platform, Verizon Adopts New Lookout API

Lookout's Mobile Threat Network detects and analyzes mobile threats in real-time

July 20, 2011

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Fortune Brainstorm TECH 2011, Aspen, CO -July 20, 2011-Lookout Mobile Security, the leader in mobile security, today unveiled its Mobile Threat Network, a platform that automates the mobile threat detection and analysis process, and delivers over-the-air protection to mobile users around the world.

As part of the Mobile Threat Network, Lookout developed an API which can extend the protection available in the Network to any app store or download site. Verizon Wireless will be the first company to use the Lookout API to connect with the Mobile Threat Network, providing customers with V CAST Apps with increased protection against threats to the applications they download from Verizon's mobile storefront.

Applications have become an integral part of a consumer's mobile experience. The open application market fosters innovation among mobile app developers, giving consumers choice to try new apps and customize their experience. But with the open market, comes an additional responsibility to provide all apps are safe from malware and spyware. These days, it can be difficult for people to tell the difference between a good and bad application. For V CAST Apps, Lookout's Mobile Threat Network detects and analyzes mobile threats in real-time to help keep consumers safe so they can feel confident to do more with their mobile phone. Verizon will use the Lookout API which helps app stores and download sites ensure the apps available on their sites are safer from threats.

The Mobile Threat Network is powered by a dataset of over 700,000 mobile applications that grows daily as more applications are added to app stores around the world. On average more than 1,000 apps are added to the Mobile Threat Network daily.

In real-time, the Mobile Threat Network scans and analyzes apps around the world to identify suspicious apps and quickly detect anomalies that could indicate malware in a bad application. When a threat is detected, Lookout helps protect the 10 million smartphone users with Lookout to keep them safe. Recently, the Mobile Threat Network automatically detected new variants of the DroidDream malware, preventing the spread of the malware in the Android Market. Over the second quarter of 2011 Lookout saw an 85% increase in the number of mobile malware detections across its user base.

In addition to protecting millions of Lookout end users, Lookout is extending the power of the Mobile Threat Network to partners through the Lookout API. Verizon's V CAST Apps store will be the first app store to implement the Lookout API, enabling Verizon Wireless customers with V CAST Apps to download and use apps knowing they are being checked for threats.

"We want Verizon V CAST Apps users to continue to feel confident doing anything with their smartphone," said Todd Murphy, director, Business Development at Verizon Wireless, "Working with Lookout gives not only us, but developers who distribute their apps through V CAST Apps the knowledge that apps in this store are being checked for malware, viruses and other potential security threats on an ongoing basis."

"The beauty of the Mobile Threat Network is that despite its power and technical sophistication, end users don't need to know anything about it," said John Hering, Lookout Mobile Security co-founder and CEO. "All the heavy lifting takes place behind the scenes, in the cloud, and all the user sees is an app that quietly works in the background, keeping their phone safe."

To watch a live presentation of the Mobile Threat Network today, given by Lookout's co-founder and CEO, click here to sign up for Fortune Brainstorm's virtual conference and tune in at 6:20 p.m. ET.

About Lookout Mobile Security Lookout is a mobile security company dedicated to making the mobile experience safe for everyone. Lookout delivers award-winning protection from the growing threats facing mobile users today including malware and spyware, phishing scams, data loss, and device loss. Lookout is cross-platform, cloud-connected and designed from the ground up to provide advanced protection for smartphones while remaining lightweight and efficient on the phone. With users across 400 mobile networks in 170 countries, Lookout is a world leader in smartphone security. Headquartered in San Francisco, Lookout is funded by Accel Partners, Index Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Trilogy Equity Partners. For more information and to download the application, please visit www.mylookout.com.

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