Logentries Launches Low-Cost Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Service for Easy, Real-time Security Analysis

Industry-standard SIEM Service Enables Customers to Easily and Cost-effectively Meet Specific Compliance Requirements

May 23, 2015

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Boston, Massachusetts – Logentries, the leading provider of log management and analytics built for the cloud, today announced an updated suite of security monitoring capabilities that meet standard Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) requirements. Unlike traditional SIEM tools that require significant budget, Logentries is offering a low-cost option that provides a complete set of logging, auditing, and monitoring capabilities in an easy-to-use, affordable service. With the Logentries SIEM service, users can collect and search log data in real-time from any system, in any format, including networks, servers, routers, firewalls, applications, databases, point-of-sale systems and more. The real-time service provides a range of unique capabilities for live security analysis and alerting as well as reporting required for compliance.

“I’ve never worked with an SIEM tool that was this easy to get up and running. The Logentries service allows us to perform real-time security monitoring and reporting to help us meet our security and compliance requirements,” said Oishin Kim, Co-founder and CEO, webdoctor.ie. “Logentries fits well into our cloud web stack and aggregated live tail shows us what is going on, end to end, in real-time.  We can search, filter and follow an individual browser request all the way back to the database"

Traditional Security Information and Event Management tools have been a cost burden to Operations and IT teams for years, demanding steep overhead and resources to implement and manage a service for security log event management. The new Logentries suite of SIEM capabilities now enables users to quickly identify and correlate behavior patterns of suspicious system activity; create real-time alerts and instant notification of malicious behavior and anomalies; and establish custom retention and storage policies for auditing and reporting needs in a cost-effective and easy-to-use SaaS service.

The Logentries Security Information and Event Management service offer includes:

  • Data Collection & Aggregation

  • User Identification & Monitoring

  • Real-time Context & Correlation

  • Instant Alerting & Anomaly Detection

  • Analysis & Data Visualizations

  • Data Compliance

  • Custom Retention Policies & Long-term Data Archiving

  • Auditing & Reporting

  • Access Control Lists

"Meeting security and compliance requirements is a priority for all organizations and for too long it been an expensive burden on IT budgets,” said Trevor Parsons, Chief Scientist at Logentries. “We have designed the Logentries SIEM offer alongside many of our enterprise customers to develop a real-time solution that finally makes security analysis easy and cost-effective.”

The Logentries SIEM offer is available now starting at $4,999 annually for the security and monitoring service.  Sign-up to learn more at: http://info.logentries.com/siem-tools-demo

The cloud-based Logentries service collects and pre-processes log events in real-time for on-demand analysis, alerting and visualization. With custom tagging and filtering, users can correlate data across their infrastructure to better understand application usage and performance, security and performance issues, and user behavior. To sign up for the Logentries SIEM offer, or to get started with a free 30-day Logentries trial, visit https://logentries.com.


About Logentries

Logentries is the leading real-time log management and analytics service built for the cloud, making business insights from machine-generated log data easily accessible to development, IT and business operations teams of all sizes. With the broadest platform support and an open API, Logentries brings the value of log-level data to any system, to any team member, and to a community of more than 35,000 worldwide users. While traditional log management and analytics solutions require advanced technical skills to use, and are costly to set-up, Logentries provides an alternative designed for managing huge amounts of data, visualizing insights that matter, and automating in-depth analytics and reporting across its global user community. To sign up for the free Logentries service, visit http://logentries.com

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