Living Security and CybSafe Propose the First Human Risk Management Maturity Model

Call on security industry to collaborate on a standard framework to close the gap on the human element in cybersecurity.

November 8, 2022

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AUSTIN, Texas and LONDON, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Living Security and CybSafe, today announced a new Human Risk Management Maturity Model, to serve as a standard across the cybersecurity industry including: practitioners, analysts, vendors, and thought leaders to measure the impact of human behavior on an organization's risk.

While several frameworks and maturity models exist to measure cybersecurity risk, including the National Institutes of Standard and Technology (NIST), the Cyber Defense Matrix and the FAIR methodology for IT frameworks, none are specifically designated to quantify the specific risk that human behavior creates inside organizations. The proposed Human Risk Management Maturity Model will give practitioners guidance on how to evolve into the next phase of cybersecurity to measure and change human behaviors. In doing so, organizations are able to both reduce cyber risk and empower employees, creating true cultural change inside organizations and across industries.

"The human factor is the last frontier of cybersecurity. We've focused for decades on technologies and systems, but have consistently siloed our approach to the single most important element of any enterprise security plan, the people themselves. We at Living Security believe it is time for a paradigm shift," said Ashley Rose, CEO and co-founder of Living Security. "Launching this model is our way to start a ripple that grows. This is a collective journey to continue the disruption and leverage behavioral data to effectively manage and mitigate human cybersecurity risk and create a safer world."

"There is no doubt that now, more than ever, society needs the security community to take an even more intelligent approach to managing human risk," said Oz Alashe, CEO and Founder of CybSafe. "And so as security professionals we need to come together to continue to fuel curiosity and understanding that helps us be more effective at managing the risk within our organizations. This can't be done by any one team, vendor, or group unilaterally. It's a collective effort and at CybSafe we're excited to play our part."

Eighty-two percent of breaches currently involve the human element, yet a majority of cybersecurity funding is still focused on technological interventions. We invite everyone; analysts, vendors, practitioners, and thought leaders to collectively participate in creating a model that truly helps companies of all sizes embark on the journey of human risk management.

To read and comment on the proposed Human Risk Management Risk Maturity Model go to

About Living Security

Living Security's mission is to transform human risk to drive dramatic improvement in human behaviors, organizational security culture, and infosec program effectiveness. With our Human Risk Management platform, Living Security engages each employee with innovative and relevant context and content, while simultaneously providing the ability for leadership to identify, report on and directly mitigate the risk brought on by human behavior. Living Security is trusted by security-minded organizations like MasterCard, Verizon, MassMutual, Biogen, AmerisourceBergen, Hewlett Packard, and Target. Learn more at

About CybSafe

CybSafe is cloud-based software that reduces organizational risk by improving people's security decisions and behaviors. Our platform educates, nudges and provides real-time, tailored cyber assistance for users so that they can be secure in their daily digital lives. It's human risk software that helps security professionals target specific security behaviors. It also provides security behavior, culture and risk reporting metrics that allow you to pre-empt security problems. CybSafe is underpinned by a data-led model of human behavior and leverages SebDB, the world's most comprehensive security behavior database. It's designed for a modern workforce and a hybrid working environment. Learn more about CybSafe at

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