Kindsight Empowers Internet Service Providers To Defend Against Botnets

Kindsight Botnet Security service analyzes Internet traffic for communications between infected devices and the bot masters’ C&C servers

March 1, 2013

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RSA CONFERENCE – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 26, 2013 – Kindsight, a network-based security company, today announced the Kindsight Botnet Security service to help Internet service providers detect botnet activity in the network and protect subscribers against bot infections. The Kindsight solution is embedded within the service providers' networks to analyze Internet traffic for communications between infected devices and the bot masters' command-and-control (C&C) servers.

Throughout the past few years, botnets have become a growing concern in the US and around the world. During 2012, four of the top five high-level threats to home networks were botnets, according to Kindsight Security Labs. In fact, almost 50% of home network infections last year were the result of malware related to botnets. That's why Kindsight has developed a new security solution specifically to address botnets, backed by research from its Security Labs.

The Kindsight Botnet Security service is built upon the network-based malware detection capabilities of the Kindsight Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS-8800). When it detects a botnet infection from a subscriber, the solution can take action by placing infected devices into a walled garden where subscribers will receive instructions and tools to help them remove the threat. The Kindsight NIDS sensor can also block infected devices from communicating with C&C servers, preventing hackers from sending instructions and launching other attacks.

"Once a computer is part of a botnet, the infection can be very difficult to remove," said Kevin McNamee, security architect and director, Kindsight Security Labs. "But service providers are in a unique position to help their subscribers, who often don't know that their computer is at risk. We're offering a solution for service providers to put a stop to these threats--not just to detect botnet activity but to help their subscribers remove the underlying threat."

Kevin McNamee will be presenting new botnet research at RSA Conference and Security B-Sides San Francisco (February 25 – March 1) and is available to discuss the issue and Kindsight solutions. To schedule a briefing, please contact [email protected].

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Kindsight, a majority-owned subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, offers network-based security products that are deployed by Internet service providers and mobile network operators to detect threats, send alerts, block infected devices and protect subscribers. Backed by the expertise of Kindsight Security Labs, the Kindsight Security Analytics solution analyzes Internet traffic for malware and pinpoints infected devices to identify risks and take action. To generate revenue and increase brand loyalty, the white-labeled Kindsight Security Services enable operators to launch differentiated, value-added services that combine network-based and device-based security for complete protection. Visit for more information.

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