Keynectis-OpenTrust Security Solutions Launches In North America

Solutions secure information across multiple layers throughout the entire organization

April 10, 2013

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San Francisco, CA - April 9, 2013 - For years, Keynectis-OpenTrust has been creating flexible IT security solutions designed to answer network challenges for both companies and governments across Europe. With its expansion in North America, Keynectis-OpenTrust will become a worldwide market leader in trust software.

The Keynectis-OpenTrust solutions secure information across multiple layers throughout the entire organization. It also provides a solid foundation for shared computing models, including cloud computing. The solutions can easily be integrated into existing IT infrastructures and many other industry-leading solutions.

In 2012, Keynectis-OpenTrust revamped its portfolio of software solutions and services

In 2012, in sync with major market trends including mobility and cloud computing, Keynectis-OpenTrust helped companies meet their digital protection needs.

Its new portfolio features two lines of business:

- Trusted Identities, with products and services designed to manage the lifecycles of digital identities and the associated objects, such as professional licenses, company badges, e-passports, ID cards and all types of mobile devices, including PCs, smartphones and tablets.

• Trusted Documents & Digital Transactions, including electronic signatures, secure file exchange, electronic vaults and electronic certified mail.

A pioneer in SaaS, Keynectis-OpenTrust has also embraced the cloud phenomenon by providing its trusted PKI infrastructure in secure cloud mode. Many organizations in France and abroad have already adopted this solution.

In 2013, Keynectis-OpenTrust is actively preparing for the new European regulation that will enable mutual recognition of electronic signatures across borders and more effectively leverage the benefits of digital identification.

With the arrival of a European market for electronic identities and signatures – via a proposed European regulation scheduled to enter into force by end 2013 or early 2014 – Keynectis-OpenTrust is preparing to face the resulting protection-related challenges.

The new regulation will allow individuals and companies to use their country's national electronic identification system to access on-line public services in other EU member countries. The regulation will also create a European market for electronic signatures and related on-line trust services, by ensuring these services will work across borders and have the same legal status as traditional paper-based processes.

"Keynectis-OpenTrust solutions already comply with European standards. Our electronic signature services are therefore ready to meet the requirements of this future market in order to guarantee certified services that will make cross-border exchanges in Europe legally binding," said Pascal Colin, CEO of Keynectis-OpenTrust.

"In 2013, we are offering a new software suite called Protect & Sign, which can be used to implement electronic signatures, timestamping, proof management, data encryption and archiving for a wide range of uses. The "Sign Anything Anywhere" concept will take on a whole new meaning, especially in the banking sector, where the use of electronic signatures by branches will eliminate the need to manage hard copies of contracts and daily cash flow reports," added Pascal Colin.

Keynectis-OpenTrust is planning a large-scale deployment of this system to major banks and insurance companies, with special emphasis on tablets.

In 2013, Keynectis-OpenTrust is focusing on two key areas: exports and indirect sales

Since 2012, Keynectis-OpenTrust has been stepping up its international operations.

"After opening an office in Dubai to ensure proximity to the needs of the Middle Eastern market, we plan to set up an office in the United States in 2013. Russia and Eastern Europe are also up and coming markets for digital ID protection. Keynectis-OpenTrust is forging ties with these regions through local technology partnerships", explained Pascal Colin.

Indeed, the company knows how to customize its solutions to these countries. It offers products that are adapted to their specific needs, such as qualification that complies with national standards. It also makes it a point to work with professionals who are native to these areas and extremely knowledgeable about their country's specificities.

"By end 2013 in France, Europe and abroad, Keynectis-OpenTrust aims to achieve indirect sales of 65-70%, compared with 50% in 2012. To reach this target, we have a partner program featuring several levels of partnership, including resellers, distributors, technology partners and integrators. We have even created a specific program for this purpose, which includes training-with-certification, sales support and assistance in installing Keynectis-OpenTrust products", said Pascal Colin before concluding that "In 2013, we aim to increase our revenue by 20%. 2013 promises to be a key year for Keynectis-OpenTrust, with an important shift toward international sales as well as continued focus on the French market, which remains at the core of our business.

About Keynectis-OpenTrust

Keynectis-OpenTrust is a software and online digital trust services provider. A pioneer in SaaS (Software as a Service) and leading provider of PKI software, the company's portfolio of services is divided into two product lines: Trusted Identities (PKI, Credential Management System); and Trusted Documents & Transactions (electronic signature, secure file exchange, electronic vault and electronic certified mail). Keynectis-OpenTrust operates internationally (Europe, Middle East, USA) and has a large network of resellers. Find out more at:

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