Kaspersky Lab Delivers Protection For Small Offices

Kaspersky Small Office Security protects businesses with up to 10 PCs and two servers

February 16, 2011

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WOBURN, MA--(Marketwire - February 15, 2011) - Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of Internet security solutions that defend against computer viruses, spyware and all forms of malicious software, announced today the latest addition to the Company's growing family of Internet security solutions. Kaspersky Small Office Security is an easy and complete way to secure small offices with premium Internet protection, central security management for all the PCs and servers, and the tools to keep every employee safe and productive.

Until today, small business owners have been confronted with a mismatch when it comes to securing their office computers. These business owners have had to rely on either consumer software built for personal use, or more expensive and complex corporate solutions that require much more overhead.

Kaspersky Small Office Security (KSOS) has been designed to ease the management of installing and maintaining advanced computer security in office settings where there is limited IT expertise and resources. KSOS also enables entrepreneurs to closely guard their confidential business data and to enforce more comprehensive business policies on how their employees use the Internet during business hours.

Designed to protect businesses with up to 10 PCs and 2 servers, Kaspersky Small Office Security can be previewed for the first time in North America at the Kaspersky Lab booth (#2711) at the 2011 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Central Security Management Business owners can now stay focused on what it takes to run their businesses, knowing the security of all their PCs and servers can immediately be viewed and controlled without having to leave their desk. From a single PC, Kaspersky Small Office Security's intuitive Management Center simplifies security tasks across the office, setting and performing data backup tasks, and ensuring that every PC and server has the latest KSOS product and anti-malware updates.

From a single PC in the small office, business owners now have visibility and control over their systems like never before, enabling administrators to:

* Set security policies for each machine. * Run scans on any PC or server in the office to make sure it's secure. * Fix security issues before they become problems. For example, if an employee disables their firewall, the business owner will be notified and can immediately turn it back on. * Administer and monitor employee web access policies to block unauthorized websites and content not related to the business. * Conveniently renew and update all security licenses for KSOS on every machine in the office -- all from one PC.

Employee Web Use Management Providing employees with guidance on appropriate online behavior during work hours can go a long way in keeping a company safe and secure. Web-usage policies help protect a small business from malicious software entering their computing environment, while enhancing each individual's personal productivity. For instance, it may not be appropriate for an employee to be downloading music, spending time on dating websites or working on their personal online photo scrapbook while at work. A business owner may also want to limit the use of social networking to certain hours of the workday, so it doesn't become all-consuming for an employee.

With Kaspersky Small Office Security employers can now easily create enforceable business protection policies. From the Central Management Center, business owners can:

* Create and enforce web-usage polices that fit their business. * Customize employee access to websites, applications, games, social networking and file downloads. * Prevent employees from accessing entire categories of websites like pornographic sites, shopping sites or illegal software or music-sharing sites.

Business-Critical Data Protection Kaspersky Lab understands the challenge of securing your business' proprietary information, as well as the vital financial information of your customers. To ensure this critical information remains secure and intact, KSOS has tools to protect your business data from theft or accidental deletion. Our technology can also help promote safe password habits for your employees, so your bank account is never stored on a sticky-note.

Using Kaspersky Small Office Security, business owners can make sure data is stored, backed-up, accessed and deleted with the appropriate layers of security in place, including:

* Automated File Backup keeps the most current copies of crucial files stored on a separate PC, server, or external drive, so the data is safe from hardware failure. * Powerful Data Encryption ensures the most sensitive information is never vulnerable to theft, unauthorized access, or accidental deletion. * File Shredder makes sure data stays private, no matter what. When that information is no longer needed, or if a PC is being discarded, Kaspersky Small Office Security's application irreversibly wipes information from the system, so it can't be seen or used by hackers. * Integrated Password Manager stores each individual's log-in passwords in an encrypted digital vault on their PC, and then automatically logs the user into password-protected websites and applications. This allows your team to navigate the web faster and more securely than ever before, and prevents bad practices like keeping passwords written on a piece of paper. To make user accounts safer than ever, Password Manager can create strong, unique passwords on demand.

World-Class Protection and Technical Support Kaspersky Small Office Security includes immediate urgent updates and standard hourly updates, cloud-enabled scanning, and the strongest combined reactive and proactive malware detection to keep you safe without ever slowing you or your employees down.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is quick to install, simple to configure and incredibly easy to use. But if you do have questions, Kaspersky Lab also offers free, Americas-based technical support via phone, email and live-chat for KSOS customers. Additional support can be found in the Kaspersky Knowledge Base, an online database of detailed answers to questions about installing and using Kaspersky Lab products.

Quotes: Randy Drawas, Chief Marketing Officer Kaspersky Lab Americas "Small offices are a cornerstone of the American economy. Up until now, business owners have been able to secure their businesses with either consumer software that's not built with their business needs in mind or 'scaled-down' enterprise security software that's far too complicated for their small business. Kaspersky Small Office Security is a breakthrough in providing the right level of protection and manageability that small office environments require, all instantly ready to install and manage."

Charles Kolodgy, Research Vice President, Security Products IDC "According to IDC's Worldwide Endpoint Security 2010-2014 Forecast and 2009 Vendor Shares report (#225759), Kaspersky Lab is the fastest-growing endpoint security vendor worldwide. Our research found that Kaspersky Lab grew by 44.5 percent in 2009, as compared to their 2008 market revenue. This was over 12-times greater than the industry average. By aggressively targeting small-office and consumer users, Kaspersky Lab is positioning itself to take market share from its competitors for another year."

Pricing and Availability: Kaspersky Small Office Security will be available for purchase on March 14, 2011 through retailers, authorized resellers, and Kaspersky Lab's e-Store. Pricing will be announced as the product becomes available.

Kaspersky Lab at RSA 2011 Conference attendees can see live demos of Kaspersky Small Office Security throughout the show at the Kaspersky Lab booth (#2711) located at the Moscone Convention Center. The 2011 RSA Conference is open from Monday, February 14th through Thursday, February 17th. Booth visitors can also view presentations from Kaspersky Lab, and become eligible to win a free iPod.

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