The proliferation of the current IRS virus demonstrates stupidity is rampant on the Internet.

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September 29, 2009

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I believe that anyone who uses the Internet on a regular basis has to know that most e-mail messages are spams, and possibly part of a fraud. I also realize that some people are more aware than others, and that some criminals are clever. However the current spread of the message that claims to be a message from the IRS accusing a person of fraud, demonstrates that stupidity runs deep on the Internet.

I promised myself that I would not use the word, Stupid, any more. Unfortunately, the IRS spam is so bad, that you really have to be stupid to click on the link. The message looks nothing like a formal notice. It has a taxpayer ID number that should be synonomous with Social Security Number, but is just random garbage. If you look at the To: field it is to a random name. It even goes as far as using the term, "Fraud Application". Well, at least these criminals are honest about their intent.

All IRS communications are through regular mail.

Despite all of these indications, the IRS virus is spreading rapidly, meaning it is fooling a lot of people. I really need to know what it will take for users to recognize a fraud when they see one. The virus designers made little effort to make the messages look legitimate.

Users who fall victim to this current attack are just flat out stupid. Frankly, I wouldn't care that much except that they are endangering others. Either way, what will it take to recognize fraud?

Anyone who falls victim to this attack should have their Internet access revoked. Period.

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