IRI Releases Data-Centric Security Tool For Files

Solution is cross-platform, data-centric protection utility for files

April 15, 2010

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MELBOURNE, Fla. (April, 2010) — Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. has released the world's first cross-platform, data-centric protection utility for files. FieldShield protects personally identifying information (PII) in flat files down to the field level, according to business rules.

FieldShield's protections include:

  • AES-256 and custom encryption (decryption)

    • Masking via anonymization or pseudonymization

    • De- and re-identification

    • Filtering and redaction

      Users can assign any function to any column. "If mixed functions or encryption keys were specified, even if the file or other fields were compromised, the remaining data would still be safe. Also, when you shield only the private fields, the non-sensitive fields stay visible and useable," noted IRI support lead Rob Howard.

      Protection and formatting functions defined in simple job scripts allow FieldShield users to mask fields based on the nature of the data and its destination(s). One concealment job can produce one output safe for multiple recipients, where each runs their own FieldShield job to reveal only the entitled data elements. This saves job design and execution time, and avoids data synchronization issues.

      By being more targeted than device and network encryption, FieldShield secures large volumes faster. "It's also easier to configure than database column encryption," Howard observed.

      According to Pedro Velez Diaz of I2 Systems and Security, "data security is of paramount importance to my customers, and we see the need for field encryption beyond the database. Enterprise users needing to protect files will find FieldShield extremely valuable."

      FieldShield runs on Windows, Linux and Unix platforms, and protects data in these file formats:

      * Line, record, variable sequential * MF ISAM and Vision index * MF COBOL long/short variable * Fixed blocked * Variable blocked * Fixed length text * CSV, delimited * LDIF * XML (flattened) * CLF, ELF web logs

      FieldShield's audit logs help verify compliance with data privacy laws. For more information, visit or email [email protected]. About IRI, The CoSort Company

      Founded in 1978, IRI is a Florida-based ISV with more than 30 resale offices worldwide. IRI's flagship CoSort product transforms data for large data warehouse environments, speeds databases, ETL tools, and applications, and migrates legacy sorts. CoSort-compatible products include Fast Extract (FACT) for Oracle, RowGen (test data), FieldShield (data protection), and NextForm (data conversion).

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