Inside Secure Targets USB Tokens With New Application-Specific, Cost-Optimized, Secure Microcontroller

The AT90SO72 is based on INSIDE's low-power, 8/16-bit enhanced RISC CPU

May 3, 2011

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EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, SAN JOSE, CA, May 2, 2011 - INSIDE Secure, a leader in semiconductor solutions for secure transactions and digital identity, today introduced the AT90SO72, a secure, embedded microcontroller specifically tailored to meet the needs of USB authentication token applications. The product's wide operating temperature, flexible I/O configurations and optimized cost make it ideal for use in USB tokens and a broad range of applications requiring sensitive data protection and cryptography computation, such as smart meters, secure data storage, machine-to-machine (M2M) systems and others. "Based on customer feedback, INSIDE has optimized the size and cost of the AT90SO72 to make it particularly well suited as a secure microcontroller to drive USB authentication tokens. At the same time, we've included a robust assortment of I/O interfaces and package options that manufacturers will find attractive for a broad range of uses," said Christian Fleutelot, executive vice president, digital security and general manager, VaultIC at INSIDE Secure. "We also have achieved an unusually wide operating temperature for a device of this kind, from 40°C to 105°C, opening the door to applications in harsh environments, such as smart meters and other devices used outdoors." The AT90SO72 is based on INSIDE's high-performance, low-power, 8/16-bit enhanced RISC CPU and is Common Criteria EAL4+ ready. It features a hardware random number generator, hardware AES (128-, 192- and 256-bit key supported), DES and triple DES. The AT90SO72 includes INSIDE's Ad-X(tm)2 advanced hardware crypto accelerator, which supports RSA up to 4096 bits, DSA, Diffie-Hellman and all FIPS-recommended elliptic curves up to 1024 bits. Key generation also is supported for both RSA and ECC. The AT90SO72 includes 288K bytes of ROM and 72K bytes of high-density EEPROM, which can be mapped as part of the program memory to provide a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for many applications. The AT90SO72 offers a USB 2.0 interface supporting both full-speed and cost-effective low-speed modes. Both modes are available in configurations with no external resonator thus reducing the bill of material. This USB interface supports six software configurable data transfer endpoints with in-or-out directions for bulk, interrupt or isochronous transfers. The flexible I/O options also include a master/slave SPI controller, an I2C (two-wire) controller, up to seven GPIO lines and an ISO 7816 interface. The AT90SO72 also includes a built-in variable frequency oscillator to reduce system cost and size and to increase security. As with all of INSIDE's secure microcontrollers, the AT90SO72 includes a variety of dedicated anti-tampering hardware for protection against simple and differential power analysis (SPA/DPA) attacks, advanced protection against physical attacks (including active shield, enhanced protection object, C stack checker, slope detector and parity errors), environmental protection systems (voltage, frequency and temperature monitors), light protection and secure memory management/access protection. Availability and Pricing The AT90SO72 is available now in wafers, modules and standard, RoHS-compliant SOIC-8 (5 x 5 mm) and QFN-20 (4 x 4 mm) packages. Please contact INSIDE Secure for configuration and pricing information.

About INSIDE Secure INSIDE's secure semiconductor products power smart cards, mobile devices, acceptance devices and infrastructure systems. The company's expertise in microcontroller architectures, security, RF/analog design, and vertical market requirements places the company in the forefront of secure contactless, contact, embedded and NFC technologies. INSIDE's innovation, collaboration with customers and commitment to open standards have earned it a leadership position in markets worldwide. INSIDE is headquartered in Aix-en-Provence, France, with offices in Europe, Asia and Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit

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