Informative Graphics Introduces New Redact-It Desktop

Version 1.1 reduces the time it takes to redact, review and release documents for public access, eDiscovery, and other processes

February 3, 2009

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SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- February 2, 2009 -- Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), a leader in content visualization, collaboration and redaction technology, today announced the release of Redact-It(r) Desktop 1.1 for removal of sensitive content and privacy information such as social security numbers, names and phone numbers before making documents widely available. The software dramatically reduces the time it takes to redact, review and release documents for public access, eDiscovery and other processes. Redact-It Desktop 1.1 applies powerful redaction capabilities to Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel, the most widely used software programs in the world, while providing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing of documents to convert PDFs and TIFFs into text-searchable files.

"Extending the power of Redact-It to popular Microsoft programs people use across every industry was critically important," said Gary Heath, President and CEO of IGC. "Privacy and attorney-client privilege laws mandate that attorneys, government officials and health care professionals ensure confidential information is not inadvertently released. With Redact-It Desktop 1.1, we've made it easy for them to securely remove information in documents they create and share every day."

Redact-It Desktop is the first low-cost desktop application using pattern recognition to find and redact information within a document. It includes many built-in macros to redact privacy information such as a person's name, phone numbers, social security numbers, driver's license numbers, credit card numbers, birth dates and more. Users can also create custom search macros and scripts for specific needs like account or ID numbers. Redact-It also includes "Defined Area Redaction" (drawing a box around the area to be redacted), adding the ability to redact an entire page or range of pages. Combined with Redact-It's "peek through" feature, this makes it easy to select limited areas to remain visible.

Key features of Redact-It 1.1 include:

* Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint support. Not only can the documents be opened natively, Redact-It can install a plug-in into these applications allowing the launch of the current document in Redact-It. For Outlook, Redact-It supports the message body and attachments. * Ability to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) when opening TIFF documents, creating searchable text. * Ability to create a draft version of the redacted document for review by others before finalizing redactions. * Redact a full page, range of pages or the entire document. * Ability to filter redactions during the Verify step. For example, users can filter all redactions by reason code or search pattern. * Ability to redact "all but..." For example, a user can redact all social security numbers, but leave the last four digits, or redact all phone numbers or email addresses except those specifically stated. * Extensive logging of search terms used, who performed each redaction and when, scripts run and redaction templates applied, creating a useful audit trail of redactions. * Scripting capability. Users can record mouse actions to create a reusable redaction script. * Ability to delete all redactions. Users can now delete all redactions, or only those of a particular color or reason code, making modifying redactions easier. * "Entire document validated" feature that creates a specific log entry when the reviewer has completely verified the entire document.

A 15-day trial version is available at: The base version of Redact-It Desktop 1.1 is available immediately and priced at $195 with the OCR option available for an additional $49 USD.

Other members of the Redact-It family include Redact-It Enterprise Server for batch and automated redaction as part of workflow processes, and Redact-It for Kofax(r) Ascent Capture(r), which works directly within the Kofax batch process to remove the data from selected redaction zones with associated OCR text, typically as files are bulk loaded into a document repository. For more information, visit

About Informative Graphics Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), founded in 1990, is a leading developer of commercial software products for content visualization, secure publishing, and collaboration. Renowned for their cost-saving value, ease of use, features and scalability, ICG products are deployed by thousands of corporations in the United States and internationally. IGC maintains offices in the United States and has key distribution and OEM partners worldwide. For more information, visit

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