iBoss Introduces Encrypted YouTube Restriction

New feature solves problem of YouTube having Google.com SSL certificate

May 5, 2011

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SAN DIEGO, May 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- When Google updated YouTube's secure socket layer (SSL) certificate to Google.com recently, it inadvertently created a headache for IT departments in organizations that block access to the encrypted https://www.youtube.com but require access to Google services such as Gmail, Google Docs and Google Apps.

Because YouTube now has the same SSL certificate as Google, allowing access to Google services requires also opening access to https://www.youtube.com. However, when access to https://www.youtube.com is opened, users can view YouTube content by simply typing https before the domain. It was a no-win situation until today. iBoss™ (http://www.iboss.com) has just added encrypted YouTube restriction to its popular iBoss Enterprise Web Filter and Application Firewall.

Thanks to that restriction, IT departments can continue to block access to YouTube and https://www.youtube.com without also blocking access to Google services. In addition to the new feature, iBoss Enterprise Web Filter also enables safe searching that can be configured to meet an organization's needs; the system produces comprehensive reports of all activity and allows administrators to monitor and log Internet usage.

As always, networks can use iBoss Enterprise Web Filter to block access to specific websites, by Web usage patterns or by category. The system's URL database currently contains more than 15 million URLs in over 75 categories.

"Google docs and apps have become essential tools for many organizations today. At the same time, managing access to YouTube is needed to preserve network resources and to ensure unwanted content is not viewed," explained Peter Martini, COO of iBoss. "The SSL certificate change has put organizations in a tough situation. Fortunately, the iBoss encrypted YouTube restriction feature provides networks with the tool they need without complex network adjustments."

About iBoss™

Phantom Technologies, parent company of iBoss Web Filters and Application Firewalls, provides hardware security solutions for HTTP/S, application, and Web 2.0 management. Incorporating bidirectional stream-based layer 7 filtering, zero-day hybrid cloud database and detailed drill-down reporting, iBoss Filters provide network solutions to keep up with today's high-performance fiber networks. With no per seat licensing or throughput restrictions, iBoss Web Filters offer comprehensive performance and value. Learn more at http://www.iboss.com.

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