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HR: ATCA Gains Momentum

AdvancedTCA's impact on the telecom equipment sector continues to grow, according to Heavy Reading

Dark Reading Staff

August 21, 2006

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NEW YORK -- AdvancedTCA's impact on the telecom equipment sector continues to grow, with dozens of vendors now selling a wider array of solutions incorporating ATCA, advanced mezzanine card (AMC) technology, and the new MicroTCA standard, according to a major new study from Heavy Reading (www.heavyreading.com), the market research division of Light Reading Inc. (www.lightreading.com).

ATCA, AMC, & MicroTCA: The Next Generation appraises the spectrum of vendors developing ATCA, AMC, and MicroTCA components and systems. It includes not only granular information on the components and systems themselves – of interest to component suppliers, system OEMs, and service providers – but also insights into how the overall market is likely to develop – of interest to a wide audience, including investors.

The 72-page report includes extensive product information on 250 different ATCA, AMC, and MicroTCA products from 56 different components vendors, systems integrators, and switch silicon manufacturers, encompassing the entire known universe of ATCA, AMC, and MicroTCA components suppliers – including such major manufacturers as Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Motorola, RadiSys, and Sun Microsystems. Comparative product matrices provide more than 1,500 data points for products analyzed, covering 24 different product categories. The report covers both wireless and wireline initiatives, making it the most complete and current guide to ATCA market development now available.

"ATCA has become firmly established not only as the first standardized platform for high-availability applications, but also as the first platform to support the relatively large blades and power consumption required in many storage, computing, and telecom applications," notes Simon Stanley, Analyst at Large for Heavy Reading and author of the report. "Together with the smaller ATCA300 and MicroTCA platforms and the AMC, ATCA provides an unparalleled platform for a wide range of applications across all these industries. Equipment vendors are now using ATCA for control-plane applications in the wireless infrastructure market, and they have committed to its use across multiple markets, encompassing both the control and data planes."

Key findings from ATCA, AMC, & MicroTCA: The Next Generation include the following:

Major equipment vendors including Alcatel, NEC, Nortel, and Siemens are now firmly committed to ATCA and are announcing products. Most major telecom equipment manufacturers are solidly supporting the ATCA initiative, with several having already made product introductions.

More than 50 ATCA blades – covering switch, CPU, DSP, networking, and storage applications – will be shipping by the end of 2006. More than 60 ATCA blades have been announced integrating general-purpose central processing units (CPUs), digital signal processors (DSPs), or network processing units (NPUs), together with networking I/O and integrated storage. More than half are shipping now, and most of the rest will be available by the end of the year.

The supply of AMCs is growing rapidly, with more than 60 AMC modules announced. AMC modules covering CPU, DSP, storage, and networking I/O applications have already been announced by 20 vendors, including GE Fanuc, Interphase, Kontron, and RadiSys. Momentum in this space is accelerating.

MicroTCA systems are available for application development. The first MicroTCA development systems have been announced by Emerson, Kontron, Motorola, and RadiSys. Elma, Kaparel, and Schroff have also introduced MicroTCA chassis. There is already significant interest in MicroTCA across a range of markets, encompassing telecom, military, health care, and industrial computing applications.

ATCA, AMC, & MicroTCA: The Next Generation is published in PDF format and costs $3,795. The price includes an enterprise license covering all of the employees at the purchaser's company.

For more information, or to request a free executive summary, contact:

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