HBGary, Verdasys To Deliver Enterprise Solution For Advanced Threat Detection And Rapid Response

Solution will offer proactive controls that mitigate malware risk

June 19, 2010

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. & WALTHAM, Mass. – June 16, 2010 - HBGary and Verdasys announced today an integrated enterprise security solution to proactively detect and rapidly control the most advanced and persistent malware threats, including those used against global organizations for theft of intellectual property, business intelligence, customer records and classified information.

The Verdasys-HBGary solution, available in July 2010, will feature HBGary's patent-pending core technology, Digital DNA, as part of a fully integrated Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) module within Verdasys' Digital Guardian Enterprise Information Protection (EIP) platform.

Studies prove that commercial anti-virus and traditional host intrusion detection systems do not detect 80% of new malware. The figures for low volume, targeted attacks are even worse. Verdasys' APT module uses HBGary's Digital DNA code analysis to detect malware and provide actionable intelligence, delivering a forensic understanding of what the malware capabilities and intents are. The Digital Guardian EIP platform combines these results with its unprecedented enterprise data visibility to assess an event's risk, and then, through real-time policies and controls mitigate the malware threat without disrupting business processes and while offering IT managers the time necessary to clean infected systems.

"HBGary is very pleased to announce our first OEM agreement," said Greg Hoglund, HBGary CEO and founder. "Today, organizations increasingly are looking for best-of-breed solutions that not only detect malware, but also provide actionable intelligence about the malware's author and operator within minutes. Verdasys, a leader in the Enterprise Information Protection market, is a natural partner. With this announcement, enterprises now will have, in one solution, both the threat intelligence and ability to remediate evolving threats quickly and easily."

The Verdasys Digital Guardian EIP solution is used by Global 2000 enterprises to identify sensitive data and to implement real-time risk appropriate controls to actions performed on that data. The new APT module extends existing DG capabilities to further monitor and control unauthorized applications including malware within enterprise environments.

"With HBGary, we gain the ability to detect the digital fingerprints of the most stealthy and persistent threats to our customers' information," said Seth Birnbaum, founder and CEO of Verdasys. "By integrating the unprecedented visibility and control of Digital Guardian with the advanced detection and forensics of HBGary's Digital DNA, global enterprises will have a solution that, for the first time, offers preventative early detection and mitigation capability against advanced malware from a single platform."

Among the capabilities of the integrated HBGary-Verdasys solution:

Unique visibility into the parameters and context of an environment so that anomalies such as advanced malware threats can be quickly and accurately identified

Proactive controls that can be deployed across enterprise computers to mitigate the risk that the malware poses to information - and give the organization time to deal with infected machines without disrupting business

About Digital DNA

Digital DNA, HBGary's patent pending core technology, leverages technology funded by DHS and the AF and is offered in Enterprise editions and stand-alone subscription. Digital DNA is the first live memory and runtime analysis platform detect today's advanced malware threats. HBGary's technology enables customers to quickly and easily analyze memory and see all running programs executing and their intent and what they are accessing on a machine. Advanced detection technology is able to identify techniques used by cyber criminals and state sponsored threats. Once suspicious behaviors are found, the suspect binaries can be easily disassembled and debugged to identify their true intent and capabilities.

About HBGary, Inc.

HBGary, Inc. was founded in 2004 by renowned security expert Greg Hoglund. HBGary is focused on delivering best-in-class threat detection solutions to Fortune 500 financial, pharmaceutical and entertainment companies as well as Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and other U.S. government agencies to meet their unique cybersecurity challenges and requirements. HBGary is headquartered in Sacramento and has offices in Washington D.C. For more information on HBGary, please visit http://www.hbgary.com.

About Verdasys

Verdasys (www.verdasys.com) provides Enterprise Information Protections (EIP) solutions that secure proprietary and sensitive data and the integrity of business processes essential for Global 2000 companies to successfully compete in today's highly collaborative and mobile environments. Digital Guardian, the leading EIP market solution, is a centrally managed data security platform that discovers, classifies, monitors, controls and encrypts sensitive information at rest, in use and in motion across desktops, laptops, mobile devices, email, Web transactions, terminal servers and enterprise applications. Verdasys customers are the global leaders in financial services, insurance, technology, manufacturing, and healthcare industries around the world. Companies serious about information protection choose Verdasys.

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