HBGary And Skout Forensics Announce OEM Agreement

Skout Forensics will integrate HBGary FDPro into the Skout Forensics Data Collection and Preservation Kit

August 5, 2010

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Sacramento, CA and McLean, VA, August 4, 2010, Today HBGary, Inc., (http://www.hbgary.com), a leading provider of next-generation threat intelligence solutions for government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations and Skout Forensics, a pioneering developer of streamlined digital forensic solutions, announced that they have signed an OEM agreement.

Under the agreement, Skout Forensics will integrate HBGary’s FDPro™, the industry’s most complete and forensically-sound, Windows memory acquisition tool, into the company’s patent-pending flagship product, the Skout Forensics Data Collection and Preservation Kit, a cost-effective technology solution that provides thorough data acquisitions without the need of a forensic expert, while maintaining the forensic integrity of the data.

“We are committed to offering our customers the best tools for capturing forensics data. With today’s malware threats increasingly found in physical memory, it was important that we offer the latest technology to address this critical security issue. We selected FDPro™ because it is far superior than any other memory acquisition tool available in the market today. Skout Forensics is excited to announce this partnership with HBGary,” said Skout Forensics cofounder Chris Coulter.

“Today’s global organizations understand that capturing and analyzing malware in memory is vital to protecting their networks from APT and other threats. HBGary is proud to partner with Skout Forensics and looks forward to helping Skout Forensics deliver this memory acquisition capability to its customers,” said HBGary President Penny Leavy.

About FDPro™

FDPro™ is the commerically supported version of Fastdump. Fastdump is the industry’s most forensically sound Windows™ memory acquisition tool. Fastdump has a memory footprint that is far less than other tools such as Helix/DD. All required code is statically linked so no additional DLL’s are loaded. The final executable size is only 80K.

FDPro™ supports all versions of Windows™ operating systems and service packs (2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 Server) 32 and 64 bit, including systems with more than 4 gigs of RAM (up to 64 gigs of RAM). FDPro™ supports acquisition of the Windows™ pagefile to be included with the acquisition of RAM. FDPro™ supports a variety of memory probing features that can assist with malware analysis.

About Skout Forensics

Skout Forensics is a privately held pioneering developer of streamlined digital forensic solutions. The company's products and solutions enable its customers to utilize digital forensic best practices in a manner that is affordable, simple to use and easy to scale. The Skout Forensics management team consists of seasoned professionals with over 40 years of industry and legal experience. For additional information please visit http://www.skoutforensics.com.

About HBGary, Inc.

HBGary, Inc. was founded in 2004 by renowned security expert Greg Hoglund. HBGary is focused on delivering best-in-class threat detection solutions to Fortune 500 financial, pharmaceutical and entertainment companies as well as Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and other U.S. government agencies to meet their unique cybersecurity challenges and requirements. HBGary is headquartered in Sacramento and has offices in Washington D.C. For more information on HBGary, please visit http://www.hbgary.com.

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