GWEBS Announces MailCloak SMB Encryption Solutions

MailCloak SMB and MailCloak PRO email encryption products protect individual email messages with open-source algorithms to scramble message, attachment, and draft content

June 12, 2009

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SINGAPORE, June 10 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Global Web Security Systems (gWebs Systems Ltd. Pte.) announced the release of their new MailCloak SMB and MailCloak PRO email encryption products. Both products augment today's most popular email systems with strong email encryption -- stopping governments, hackers, big-tech and other eavesdroppers in their tracks. MailCloak protects individual email messages by using advanced open-source algorithms to scramble message, attachment and draft content - making messages completely secure. MailCloak is available for download at and .

In recent days many countries and email service providers have stepped up their Internet censorship and eavesdropping, often without directly alerting citizens and users. The result is that billions of emails may be getting eavesdropped upon without users even knowing it. In addition, web-based email services -- like Gmail, Yahoo! and MSN Live Mail -- are indexed and searchable, both by users themselves, and by service providers. These service providers may be coerced by governments, cracked by hackers, bought out by corporate interests or infiltrated by their own employees without any accountability to users.

MailCloak SMB brings strong email encryption and regulatory compliance to users of Google's "Google Apps" and Microsoft's "Windows Live Admin Center" corporate email services. In addition MailCloak SMB encrypts Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, MSN Live Mail, as well as seven Chinese webmail services -- Yahoo! China, QQ Mail, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, and - thus providing protection to millions of webmail users who otherwise have no assurance or expectation of privacy.

"With MailCloak's strong 4096 bit encryption, users can store encryption keys on their own computers, or take their public and private keys with them on USB thumb drives. This gives organizations and end-users complete control over the security of their messages," says Jason Zhao, gWebs CEO.

"More and more organizations and end-users are using web-based email systems, but traditional encryption didn't work on them, so the industry had to play catch-up," Mr. Zhao continued, "MailCloak is really the only solution out there for hundreds of millions of webmail users. Today MailCloak has added support for the tens of thousands of organizations that use their own domain names on Google and Microsoft corporate email systems."

MailCloak uses an open source implementation of the OpenPGP encryption standard combined with proprietary webmail encapsulation technology. Together these technologies bring users the best, easiest to use, and most compatible encryption available.

Benefits include: -- Open-source, open-standard encryption with GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) -- Compatible with many of today's other leading encryption products -- Mozilla Firefox add-on -- Microsoft Internet Explorer add-on -- supports all Trident-based browsers -- Support for all POP3/SMTP Microsoft Windows email clients including Outlook -- Streamlined invitations and installation -- Easy key-management -- Automated key-exchange and access to the Cryptobot key exchange robot

Public Key Encryption has historically been the providence of IT gurus, security freaks, and the CIA. MailCloak brings public key encryption to the consumer like never before -- easy to setup, and easy to use and easy to share. With MailCloak's integration of the GnuPG encryption suite, easy key management, automatic key exchange, and streamlined installation process, email encryption is finally accessible for everyone.

About gWebs

gWebs, pronounced Gee-Webs, is short for Global Webs Security Systems. gWebs is a Singaporean IT security company with operations in Beijing and Los Angeles. gWebs was founded in May 2007 to fill the technology gap between public key encryption and webmail, while making encryption easier for everyone. In addition to email security, gWebs is also building security solutions for many other kinds of SaaS (Software as a Service) and communications services requiring privacy. These services include banking, payroll, tax, and telecom statements.

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Alex Miller Tel: +86-10-6211-9011 x810 US Tel: +1-917-267-7957 Skype: AlexiMiller Cell: +86-131-4691-1013 Email: [email protected] Web:

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