GlobalCrypto, Salestrakr Partner In Strong Authentication

GlobalCrypto signs a deal to provide its RealMe bidirectional authentication software for Salestrakr Web-based CRM offering

January 8, 2009

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GlobalCrypto, the leader in low-cost strong authentication and the only company to make transacting online safer by using digital images to transmit cryptographic information between a user and a Web application, today announced it signed a deal to provide bi-directional authentication for Salestrakr.

RealMe strong authentication software from GlobalCrypto, enables a user to upload a photo of their choice and have that picture embedded with cryptographic information unique to the user and Web site. RealMe then separates the picture and exchanges half of the image between a user and Web site. No login can take place until the user unlocks the encrypted image with their password and the two halves of the encrypted information in the digital image match. This offers very strong defense against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

This unique solution delivers strong, mutual authentication without the use of cookies, tokens, certificates or cumbersome login requirements. Based on usability studies, users find the experience very engaging and easy to use.

"We selected RealMe from GlobalCrypto because we wanted to offer our users a more secure solution to protect their critical customer information. A company's customer contacts and sales tracking data can sometimes be its most important asset," stated Paul Freet, President of Salestrakr. "We choose the RealMe solution because it is easy to implement and can be used in combination with our existing authentication solution - there is nothing to rip out and replace," added Freet.

By using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), GlobalCrypto is able to create a secure single sign-on experience from any web application. Employees or customers no longer have to juggle multiple user names and passwords or retrieve lost credentials to gain access to frequently used sites. With RealMe's secure single sign-on, one password provides access to their favorite web sites. Administrators love it because they can quickly issue and revoke credentials in based on business needs.

GlobalCrypto won the gold medal in the Advanced Technology Development Center's 2007 CapVenture contest and was recently named by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) as one of the 16 most innovative companies in the state.

About Global Crypto Web applications using GlobalCrypto's RealMe software are able to securely authenticate users, minimize fraud attacks, meet industry security requirements and provide real-time fraud detection and reporting while offering end-users an easy-to-use solution for safeguarding their online transactions and identities. Only GlobalCrypto provides strong, bi-directional authentication without expensive tokens or hardware making cryptographically strong authentication simple, affordable and user-friendly. Find out how RealMe can protect your online transactions with the power and ease of image-based PKI. Contact us today at [email protected] or call 678.855.6116.

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