Glasswall and Encyptics Partner to Eliminate Security Risks in Files and Email Attachments

Deal creates policy-driven proactive defense-in-depth approach to data security.

September 19, 2014

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September 18, 2014 – Frisco, Texas and London, England: Encryptics and Glasswall Solutions today announced their global partnership - integrating their patented technologies to proactively eliminate the risks associated with targeted file-based cyber-attacks and automate the ability for enterprises to protect and control incoming and outgoing sensitive content at the user’s device.

Encryptics, a global provider of patented data protection services, has joined forces with Glasswall Solutions, a pioneer in content security, to ensure their customers maintain control of their structured and unstructured data’s security as it enters or leaves an organization. Emails remain the primary channel through which advanced persistent threats (APTs) are initiated, with 94 percent* of these attacks using file attachments. With the frequency of attacks on businesses of every size increasing and the cost of incident response rising, organizations need a new, proactive approach to ensure file security without slowing down the business through excessive use of file quarantining.

The partnership between Encryptics and Glasswall facilitates the integration of their unique and complementary technologies to create a policy-driven proactive defense-in-depth approach to data security.  The technologies work seamlessly together utilizing Encryptics’ Policy Based Protection (PBP) for email in concert with Glasswall’s zero day APT file protection to scan file attachments and cleanse them of malicious content before the intended recipients can open them and become compromised.  Furthermore, PBP predetermines which files contain private or sensitive content, and automatically and proactively secures them with Encryptics device-level .SAFE encryption and Data Rights Management (DRM) technology. DRM attributes are systematically applied to control the content in perpetuity and are used in accordance with the enterprises’ internal information security policy.  More specifically, Encryptics’ DRM provides the ability to control the timeframe content is available for viewing and whether the recipient is permitted to print, copy, save or forward the information. 

Mitch Scherr, CEO of Encryptics said, “We believe that no matter where it resides, your data always belongs to you. Glasswall’s ability to perform deep analysis of every file entering or leaving the organization, at a byte level in real time, against all manufacturer compliance standards puts organizations in complete control of file security for the first time – eliminating the risk of criminals using files as an easy route into an organization.”

“We oppose the argument, made by some in our industry, that a breach is inevitable and that organizations should focus on the speed and cost of remediation rather than well-planned, proactive defenses,” said Greg Sim, CEO of Glasswall Solutions. “Encryptics shares our zero tolerance of file tampering by criminals and our passion to make the internet a completely safe and secure place to do business.  Early results from our joint projects already demonstrate how, by working together, we can dramatically reduce information security risk compared to existing signature-based solutions.”

 *Trend Micro – spear-phishing email: most favoured APT attack bait

 About Encryptics®

Encryptics develops and delivers enterprise-wide data protection solutions that integrate seamlessly in most existing environments. Encryptics’ patented data protection and Data Rights Management (DRM) platform provides true end-to-end encryption and data access controls to ensure that data remains secure over the course of its entire lifecycle. Encryptics’ cross-platform solutions—built on the Encryptics Data Protection API™—address common security gaps to help organizations in any industry reduce data loss without compromising workflow efficiency. The Encryptics portfolio includes its flagship product, Encryptics for Email™, as well as the new Policy Based Protection. For more information, please visit


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About Glasswall Solutions
A global information security software company with offices in London and San Francisco, Glasswall has evolved a unique approach to file security at a granular level, turning the traditional philosophy of defence against malware on its head, Glasswall’s patented technology engine ’looks for known good’ at a byte level as defined by every file manufacturer. Glasswall then regenerates a new, 100% safe file in real-time almost eliminating the need to quarantine or block the documents a business user needs. Glasswall not only provides complete protection against even the most sophisticated, previously unseen threats but puts security professionals back in control of setting compliance standards to meet each organisations security requirements. Glasswall’s technology is proven with global scalability and does not require constant updating to provide complete protection against advanced threats and zero-day attacks. For more information, please visit



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