Gizmox's Visual WebGui Platform Remains Unhackable After Three-Month Security Challenge

More than 1,700 users unsuccessfully attempted to break into the Visual WebGui pipeline

February 18, 2009

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Tel Aviv, Israel —February 17, 2009—Gizmox,, developer of the Visual WebGui rapid application development program, today announced that no one was able to successfully hack into the Visual WebGui platform during the security challenge sponsored by the company that offered a $10,000 prize to anyone who could break into the Visual WebGui framework. The contest, which ran from November 3, 2008 through January 31, 2009, required participants to provide a reproducible pathway into the Visual WebGui pipeline in order to claim the prize. Despite break-in attempts by more than 1,700 users, Visual WebGui was not hacked and the prize remains unclaimed.

According to leading IT analysts, web applications and in particular RIA technology based applications have become the most vulnerable elements of enterprise IT infrastructure. As an increasing number of organizations come to depend on rich Internet-based applications that leverage the power of AJAX, Silverlight, or Flash technologies, businesses must find ways to secure their web applications and protect sensitive data that can be exposed on the server through the use of these technologies.

The Visual WebGui "Empty Client" architecture is designed to simplify, enhance, and protect the deployment of complex, data centric, and ultra rich AJAX and Silverlight User Interface (UI) for the enterprise level. The Empty Client approach means the entire application flow, UI logic, and validations are developed and processed on the server and virtualized on the browser, while the web browser serves as a "display" for the output and a "receptor" for user input. With Visual WebGui's Empty Client architecture, only essential UI data is sent to the client, which includes no applicative or sensitive data, preventing the break in and theft of confidential information on the server. Through the Gizmox security challenge, Visual WebGui's "Empty Client" architecture has been proven to provide bullet-proof security to both AJAX and Silverlight applications deployed atop Visual WebGui. "No company has ever challenged people to break into their system. The fact that no one was able to successfully hack into the Visual WebGui pipeline demonstrates not only our belief in Visual WebGui's air-tight security, but proves that Rich Internet Applications developed with Visual WebGui are inherently safe and secure by design," said Navot Peled, CEO and founder of Gizmox. "As the Empty Client name indicates, the client holds no data or logic, and every action the client wants to take must be authorized by the server first. Not only does this significantly increase security, but the Empty Client design allows events to be raised on the server for every client action while also remaining flexible enough to make web applications responsive, scalable and customizable, enhancing the end-user experience."

Visual WebGui is an open source RIA development & deployment platform atop standard .NET. Visual WebGui enables software developers to create and deploy rich enterprise level applications with "bullet proof" military grade security and desktop responsiveness which is virtualized on a standard browser with no specific installation. The on-server architecture allows users to develop rich web applications with WinForms methodologies and deploy to the web as AJAX or Silverlight applications, cutting development time up to a proven 90%. In addition, Visual WebGui allows users to port existing desktop applications to the web with just push of a button. The Visual WebGui Empty Client employs JavaScript, XSL and CSS to deliver UI's that look, feel, and behave like their desktop counterparts, allowing for the creation a of a true desktop experience on the web. RIA development and deployment with Visual WebGui provides an incredibly flat learning curve for Windows developers who feel more at home programming in Visual Basic, C#, and other desktop native programs, allowing enterprises to leverage existing staff, skills, software assets, and infrastructure to provide an overall faster time to market and reduced development costs in time and labor. During an economic downturn, Visual WebGui's cost saving value provides a strategic advantage to enterprises that are seeking cost-efficient technologies that can enhance existing IT capabilities.

About Gizmox Gizmox, the developer of Visual WebGui open source platform and a member of Microsoft's Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program was founded in July 2007. Gizmox enables web like desktop platforms; its SDK has been downloaded by over 300,000 individuals and software houses with more than 25,000 active community members. More than 30,000 VWG applications have been built, and are in production at enterprises such as SAP, IBM, Israel Aerospace Industry, 3 out of 4 leading Israeli Banks, 4 out of 6 leading Israeli insurance companies, government offices, and multi-national companies such as Trysis, NetworkD, Net Size, American File Net, Phoenix insurance company, Blue Phoenix, Texas Instrument and many more. The company is funded by Venture Capital and private investors. Its one of the founders and active chairman of the board is Professor Arie Scope founder of Microsoft's Israel subsidiary, and its former General Manager and Chairman for 16 years. All brand or product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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