Announces Solid State Drive Storage and Virtual Load Balancing that’s specific to cloud environments

June 9, 2011

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(Dallas, Texas — June 7, 2011) — FireHost continues to lead the secure cloud hosting movement by coupling innovative, new features with the highest level of security available in a public cloud infrastructure. Last month, the company launched the first secure, public cloud hosting solution with PCI-DSS 2.0 compliance. Today, FireHost announces Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage and Virtual Load Balancing that’s specific to cloud environments, delivering more reliable performance and shorter load times to businesses that experience a high volume of traffic.

The new solid state drives offer I/O (input output) rates and access times that are nearly impossible to achieve with a traditional, disk based system. FireHost is also the first public cloud host to offer three tiers of secure storage: SATA, SAS and now SSD. The SSD helps businesses achieve faster server performance and expedites database access by increasing the performance for the entire web application . Virtual load balancers replace traditional load balancing hardware with agile, Zeus technology. “We admire companies like FireHost who see how important performance and control are to their end users,” said Kosten Metreweli, chief strategy officer at Zeus. “By implementing our solutions into their public cloud offering, FireHost is showing that it’s serious about delivering a premium cloud hosting service, and is committed to giving customers control options that put them in the driver’s seat. We’re excited to be FireHost’s vendor of choice for Virtual Load Balancers.”

FireHost virtual load balancers come with 1GB ram, 1 processor, and 10GB hard drive standard, but they’re scalable, just like a secure cloud server. Customers can control and reconfigure any virtual load balancer instance. All three of the company’s storage options are available on load balancer virtual machines, to ensure the entire cloud hosting solution stays in synch and produces the expected, positive outcome.

Ryan Thrash, CEO of MODX, goes on to say, “We need a host that can handle fast influxes of high traffic without slowing down, or our reputation and revenues suffer. FireHost’s secure cloud scales reliably to meet traffic bursts, giving us confidence that our customers can access the information they need, when they need it. We haven't found another cloud host with the same commitment to security, performance, and great service—and all of these make a massive difference for MODX.”

FireHost will be at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York this week. To learn more about secure cloud hosting and these new performance features, visit the FireHost booth #118.

About FireHost, Inc. FireHost, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas, based secure hosting company that delivers Secure Cloud hosting solutions to eCommerce, SaaS, healthcare IT, and security companies. Specializing in protecting websites with compliance and high traffic needs, FireHost makes hacker awareness, management, and prevention a standard part of every hosting plan. Advanced security combined with a comprehensive portfolio of hosting solutions helps FireHost protect companies of all sizes from threats to their websites, Web applications, and other valuable data.

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