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FireHost Rolls Out Secure Server Hosting

Redundant firewalls help ensure uninterrupted protection from malice on the Web

March 18, 2010

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(DALLAS, TX " March 16, 2010) -- FireHost, a secure Web hosting company, is making enterprise-grade hosting available for businesses of all sizes with its new Secure Server Hosting. The offering comes from one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the market and is aimed at businesses that need protection from hackers and cybercrime without the expense of hiring their own IT security staff. In particular, small to midsize businesses (SMBs) engaging in eCommerce and healthcare organizations that handle patient data online will benefit from FireHost's affordable, compliance-ready Secure Server options.

FireHost believes every business, regardless of size, should have the tools necessary to protect its customer's information from hackers. Combining a secure infrastructure approach with new virtualization technology, FireHost is able to deliver dedicated privacy with cloud scalability at a very attractive price point for companies of all sizes.

Charles Lee, founder and CEO of mberry has experienced the positive effect of FireHost's protective environment. "Last year, my business Web sites were hacked three times in two months, and the hosting company didn't know how to stop the problem. They continued to leave us vulnerable," he said. "Of course, we lost revenue, but it also damaged vendor relationships and my brand's reputation. Since making the switch to FireHost's Secure Server, our sites have been totally safe." Serious about Security

Every client's Secure Server resides on premium hardware and receives enterprise-level hacker protection:

  • Redundant firewalls help ensure uninterrupted protection from malice on the Web

    • Managed Web application firewalls provide protection at the application level, where many hackers find a "back door"

    • Intrusion protection and DoS/DDoS mitigation suppress the "in your face" attacks

    • Encrypted backup, server monitoring and proactive response are just a few of the managed hosting services available to keep Web applications running smoothly

    • All features are standard for every client Scalable and Flexible

      Insufficient server resources are a primary cause for Web site downtime. For businesses online, downtime means loss of revenue, user dissatisfaction, and brand damage. FireHost's Secure Servers have cloud-like scalable resources available at a moment's notice to help ensure those things never happen:

    • Scale up to four processors and 32 GB of memory quickly as Web site traffic grows

    • Tack on Terabytes of easily accessible, fast and redundant iSCSI SAN storage

    • Increase resources in anticipation of marketing events and scale back down to what you need once business returns to usual

    • Improve business continuity with premium services like load balancing and high availability hosting

      "Most startups cannot afford a dedicated server, so they have adopted cloud hosting for its many perceived benefits - convenience, price, and scalability. They are quickly learning that cloud doesn't offer the guaranteed resources and security required to conduct business online," said Chris Drake, CEO and founder of FireHost. "Our Secure Server option fills a major void in the market that marries the convenience of cloud, with the performance and security of dedicated, at a very affordable cost."

      About FireHost, Inc.

      FireHost, Inc. is a Dallas, TX-based secure Web hosting company that delivers enterprise-quality secure hosting solutions to SMBs. Specializing in Web site security and high traffic needs, FireHost's advanced security and comprehensive portfolio of hosting solutions helps all customers from threats to their Web sites, applications, and other valuable data as a standard part of every hosting plan. Please visit http://www.firehost.com to learn more.

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