FIPS 140-2 Certified Encryption Module Added To KVM Switch

FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module in the Dominion KX II Release 2.2 encrypts KVM session traffic

January 12, 2010

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SOMERSET, N.J. (January 11, 2010) - Raritan today announced the first digital KVM switch with an embedded Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 certified encryption module, making it the most secure KVM-over-IP switch in the industry.

Designed to protect sensitive information in data centers, the FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module in the Dominion' KX II Release 2.2 encrypts KVM session traffic consisting of video, keyboard, mouse, virtual media and smart card data.

"The FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module used by the Dominion KX II meets the requirements for the U.S. and Canadian mandates for cryptographic-based security systems to protect sensitive information," said Richard Dominach, Senior Product Manager at Raritan. "Raritan's solutions can help organizations in government, military, financial, healthcare, retail and other security-conscious segments secure their information. This new security feature is the latest in a long line of industry firsts delivered by the Dominion KX II."

The Cryptographic Module used by the Dominion KX II has been validated by the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP) for FIPS 140-2 Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules, and other FIPS cryptography-based standards. The FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module is available on all Dominion KX II enterprise models with Release 2.2 firmware.

The FIPS mode status is displayed on the KX II User Interface. When in FIPS mode: KVM, virtual media and smart card encryption is enforced, FIPS-approved encryption algorithms are mandated, and passwords are stored via FIPS-approved hashes. Customers can also create FIPS-compliant SSL certificates with approved hashes.

Other Dominion KX II Security Features

Dominion KX II's advanced security features include: 256-bit and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) of keyboard, video, mouse and virtual media data; strong password support; password aging; per-port authorization and built-in authentication capabilities. Dominion KX II integrates with industry-standard directory servers -- such as Microsoft' Active Directory, using either the LDAP or RADIUS protocols -- which enables the use of pre-existing username/password databases for security.

For additional security measures, the optional Dominion KX II Smart Card Reader Solution provides Department of Defense (DoD) CAC (Common Access Card) and smart card-authentication. Whether working from a remote location or in the data center, authorized users are authenticated by inserting cards into the Smart Card/CAC Reader connected to their remote workstation or the Dominion KX II switch in the data center.

About the Award-Winning Dominion KX II

Designed for customers requiring secure server access from anywhere, the Dominion KX II switches enable multiple IT administrators -- remote and local users -- to access multiple servers. The KX II provides BIOS-level access, so that all servers are always accessible -- even if a server's operating system is not working. The KX II also enables remote installation of software, file transfers, data backup and diagnostics with its Universal Virtual Media feature, and can control power to servers with optional remote power strips. The self-contained Dominion KX II comes with all key features, including authentication and Web-access, built into the appliance.

The Dominion KX II's advanced productivity features include a number of industry firsts. Its unique Absolute Mouse Synchronization feature eliminates time-consuming extra steps to adjust mouse settings for each target server. For high availability, all models come with dual power supplies with automatic failover -- the only KVM-over-IP switch family with this feature standard. The KX II also provides the industry's highest remote video resolution (1600 x 1200 pixels), as well as support for popular widescreen video formats.

Raritan's extensive Dominion KX II portfolio helps IT teams manage more -- servers, locations, technology platforms, applications -- with fewer resources. The KVM-over-IP switch's easy-to-use, browser-based interface provides a consistent user experience for both remote and at-the-rack server management.

All KX II models are CommandCenter' Secure Gateway Certified, so that multiple Dominion switches and connected servers can be managed from one IP address.

About Raritan

Raritan is a proven innovator of power management, infrastructure management, KVM and serial solutions for data centers of all sizes. In more than 50,000 locations worldwide, Raritan's award-winning hardware and software solutions -- including intelligent PDUs, energy management software, KVM-over-IP and Serial-over-IP access products -- provide IT and facility directors, managers and administrators with the control they need to increase power management efficiency, improve data center productivity and enhance branch office operations. Based in Somerset, N.J., Raritan has offices worldwide serving 76 countries. For more information, visit

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