FIDO Ready(TM) certified device for universal strong authentication, myris provides consumers and enterprises with unprecedented security

January 6, 2015

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NEW YORK, Jan. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- EyeLock Inc., a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, today announced myris is the first and only iris identity authenticator that will support the recently launched FIDO 1.0 specifications. The FIDO Alliance, a global industry consortium including members such as Microsoft, Google, ARM, PayPal and Lenovo, is dedicated to delivering open standards for stronger, simpler authentication.

EyeLock's myris has satisfied all requirements for FIDO Ready(TM) certification.

myris, the first consumer accessible iris authentication product available at retail, incorporates FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol.

"A recent Experian study found that the average user had 26 password-protected accounts," explained Anthony Antolino, EyeLock Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer. "To be able to work with the FIDO Alliance to protect customers with the most complex biometric authentication protocol on the planet, behind DNA, is why EyeLock got into this business in the first place. We are committed to providing the next generation of security solutions and propelling the entire industry into a new era of privacy and convenience."

myris is a handheld USB device that uses patented EyeLock ID technology to provide convenient and secure access to devices, apps and websites that are important in our everyday lives. Authentication with myris is faster and more secure than any other commercially available biometric identifier.

FIDO standards will support a full range of authentication technologies, including biometrics, such as fingerprint and iris scanners, voice and facial recognition, as well as further enabling existing solutions and communications standards.

"We congratulate EyeLock for offering a secure, biometric solution to consumers that is FIDO U2F compliant," said Michael Barrett, president of the FIDO Alliance. "With the launch and broad scale adoption of these open standards by the industry, there is no doubt that a new era in convenient security solutions has arrived. We are starting to move users and providers alike beyond single-factor passwords to more secure, private, easy-to-use FIDO authentication."

FIDO open standards specifications are being designed to be extensible and to accommodate future innovation, as well as protect existing investments. FIDO specifications allow the interaction of technologies within an interoperable infrastructure, enabling authentication choice to meet the distinct needs of users and organizations.


About EyeLock

EyeLock, a leader in iris authentication, provides the highest level of security with EyeLock ID technology. The company's proprietary, embeddable technology enables the convenient, secure authentication of individuals across physical and logical environments. EyeLock's software has been integrated across consumer and enterprise platforms, eliminating the need for PINs and passwords. No two irises are alike, and outside DNA - the iris is the most accurate human identifier.

Corporations across the Fortune 500 recognize the level of security EyeLock provides due in part to its false accept rate, ease of use and scalability. As a sponsor member of the Fast IDentity Online Alliance (FIDO), a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safer and more secure digital presence for consumers, EyeLock is dedicated to providing digital privacy and next generation security.

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