Ethoca, Accertify Team On Fraud Prevention Solution

Companies announced a strategic partnership to offer Accertify customers the option of directly accessing the Global Fraud Fighting Community through the Interceptas platform

March 6, 2009

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News Facts:

Accertify, a provider of leading-edge credit card fraud prevention solutions to online merchants, and Ethoca, the leader in collaborative fraud management, today announced a strategic partnership to offer Accertify customers the option of directly accessing the Global Fraud Fighting Community through the Interceptas' platform.

The partnership combines Interceptas, the industry's most complete and flexible fraud prevention platform, and the Global Fraud Fighting Community powered by Ethoca, which enables merchants to safely and securely pool transaction experience data.

Offering the two platforms in an integrated solution further strengthens the available services in the Interceptas workbench platform to help merchants reduce fraud and decrease the impact of fraud management on the customer experience.

Ethoca's collaboration technology is enabling the Global Fraud Fighting Community to coalesce as a powerful force against online crime by securely connecting its members to a collective pool of member-provided payment experience information. With vastly more information to evaluate risk than is available to any company on its own, community members are empowered to make better informed decisions about acceptance, rejection or further screening of orders.

Accertify's Intercetpas platform is the most complete and flexible fraud prevention solution in the industry. It empowers merchants to take control of their fraud fighting efforts and delivers all the fraud-fighting technology and validation services required to manage risk in a single integrate work-bench that is easily configured to each customer's unique business needs.


"Accertify offers customers unparalleled flexibility to customize our Interceptas platform by choosing the best-in-breed, value-added services that fit their unique needs," said Michael Long, Chief Product Strategist, Accertify. "Data is the key to effective online fraud prevention and we are constantly on the lookout for new services that will drive more information in an automated fashion to our clients. Providing the opportunity to integrate Ethoca's capabilities into our platform is another example of how we can provide access to a wider pool of transaction data."

"The practice of fraud management tends to have three interrelated yet opposing goals. It is difficult to reduce fraud loss without also increasing the cost of managing fraud, or negatively impacting the customer experience," said Andre Edelbrock, CEO, Ethoca. "Ethoca and Accertify are providing merchants with the ability to achieve all of these goals simultaneously. We look forward to collaborating with Accertify and welcoming their customers to the community of members—ultimately making it stronger than ever before."

"At Motorcycle Superstore, we strive to provide a positive experience for our good customers while keeping out the fraudulent buyers. Accertify and Ethoca both have powerful tools that allow us to achieve that goal," said Jason Miller, CTO for Motorcycle Superstore. "Accertify provides the workbench and platform, and Ethoca provides the ability to collaborate with other businesses. This partnership is a unique approach to fighting fraud that drives both convenience and value in my ongoing battle against fraud."

About Ethoca Working in partnership with forward-thinking businesses, individuals and law enforcement, Ethoca is making e-commerce safer and more profitable by building and powering the Global Fraud Fighting Community.

To be more successful in combating fraud, companies must collaborate across and within industries by securely sharing transaction experiences in a way that is not a competitive threat. Ethoca enables businesses that operate in customer-not-present environments (Internet, phone, fax or mail) to make more informed decisions about their customer transactions, by sharing transaction experience data in a way that is secure, automated, effective and ethical. Community members see reduced fraud, lower fraud-related costs, increased revenue from fewer wrongly rejected orders and improved customer satisfaction rates.

EthocaTM is a registered trademark of Ethoca Limited. For more information about Ethoca visit

About Accertify Accertify is the first company to focus on developing fraud prevention tools and strategies from the perspective of merchants that accept 'card not present' transactions. That focus led to the development of Interceptas(R) which applies state of the art automation to every step in the merchant's process of managing credit card fraud exposure. Accertify exemplifies a constant commitment to maintaining the best in fraud prevention strategies, and its management team combines complementary skills from fraud management, business software development, accounting and legal to assure that its customers receive the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution to credit card fraud available. Accertify is based in Schaumburg, IL.

About Motorcycle Superstore Motorcycle Superstore, ranked as one of the Top 500 online U.S. retailers among Internet Retailer magazine's 2007 "Top 500," has been in business for over 10 years. Motorcycle Superstore offers a complete selection of motorcycle helmets, apparel, accessories and parts. For more information about Motorcycle Superstore visit

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