eSoft Expands Product Line With Low-Cost Security Appliance

InstaGate 404S offers business-grade security for up to 15 Internet-connected client machines

August 23, 2012

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BROOMFIELD, Colo., Aug. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today eSoft, a leader in network security solutions, announced a new product, the InstaGate 404S, has been added to their award-winning line of InstaGate(TM) network security appliances. The InstaGate 404S is designed for small office or home office

(SOHO) networks, offering business grade security for up to 15 Internet connected client machines.

The InstaGate 404S offers business grade Firewall and VPN security features to secure remote offices and their connection back to the corporate headquarters.

With data breaches and hacking attempts on the rise against small to medium businesses, the InstaGate 404S protects sensitive corporate data and keeps networks safe from hacking attempts.

Customers have the option to add eSoft's Web ThreatPak security module to prevent web based threats and viruses. "As threats continue to shift to the web, web threat protection is becoming critical even for small offices," said Lee Graves, eSoft VP of Technical Services and Product Management. "The InstaGate 404S fits nicely into these small offices at an affordable price point, offering the same great web security and protection as our larger models. "

Another available option becoming more critical to small and medium businesses with the lower cost of Internet connectivity is an Internet Failover option.

This allows the InstaGate 404S to have two Internet connections for those clients demanding the maximum amount of Internet uptime.

The new appliances will be released for shipment starting August 21st.

About eSoft

eSoft ( is a leading provider of integrated network security solutions offering organizations protection from dynamic Internet-based threats.

eSoft's award winning InstaGate and ThreatWall platforms offer high-performance Deep Packet Inspection security services including firewall, UTM, complete email security, and web filtering and security with an easy to configure and manage user interface. eSoft's solutions provide IT managers with simplicity and flexibility when deploying and managing network security. The eSoft solutions place fewer demands on the time and security expertise of IT staff lowering the total cost of providing compliant and robust network security.

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