Entrust Introduces Publicly Trusted Secure E-mail Certificates

Secure e-mail certificates as a managed service enable individuals, organizations to encrypt or digitally sign e-mails, documents

August 17, 2010

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DALLAS, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Expanding on an already impressive digital certificate portfolio, Entrust, Inc., adds publicly trusted secure e-mail certificates to its certificate management service, enabling digital signature capabilities and encryption of e-mails and other documents. The managed certificates provide a cost-effective approach for individuals or organizations to secure important communications.

"While there are many different methods to secure or digitally sign e-mail communication, these publicly trusted certificates enable a simple, straightforward method of realizing these capabilities for individuals, organizations and enterprises alike," said Entrust President and CEO Bill Conner. "Secure e-mail certificates are versatile, cost-effective and provide important verification and authentication abilities critical within today's online channel."

Based on the X.509 certificate standard, Entrust Secure E-mail Certificates enable standards-based S/MIME capabilities and are available in two distinct levels -- personal and enterprise. As their names suggest, each is designed to provide the appropriate ID validation at price points for each specific environment. And each certificate is publicly trusted by today's most popular Web browsers -- all of which come standard with embedded Entrust root certificates.

The personal secure e-mail certificate is a smart approach for individuals that require non-identity assurance usage for digital signature and e-mail encryption capabilities. It provides e-mail privacy via encryption and also helps prove a message's origination.

In contrast, enterprise secure e-mail certificates include validation of the organization, e-mail domain and end-user, offering the higher ID assurance level required in organizations. These IDs are perfect for digitally signing or encrypting e-mail communication, but also can be extended to digitally sign word processing documents. These certificates also maintain access to historical e-mails with automated, full-key history backup and restore capabilities.

Secure e-mail certificates for the enterprise enable administrators to revoke employee digital IDs upon departure to prevent them from digitally signing as an employee -- a key security feature for today's organization.

This release of Entrust Certificate Services also enhances the multi-domain capabilities of its SSL certificates. Available for Entrust's line of extended validation (EV) and unified communications (UC) digital certificates, multi-domain certificates allow organizations to use a single certificate to secure multiple domains or hostnames, effectively streamlining the management effort associated with these machines.

Entrust Secure E-mail, EV and UC Multi-Domain Certificates are all available from Entrust as a managed service offering, helping eliminate the need for in-house infrastructure, software or expertise.

For information on the publicly trusted Entrust Secure E-Mail Certificates, or other SSL digital certificates, visit entrust.net.

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