Engate Technology Introduces Hosted Email Security And Anti-Botnet Service

Engate's managed service pre-emptively detects botnets the instant they emerge and stops email-borne spam, phish, viruses and blended web/email attacks outside the email gateway

November 18, 2008

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San Jose, CA - November 18, 2008 - Engate Technology Corporation, a leading provider of proactive anti-botnet and email security solutions, today announced a new hosted security service to help enterprise and small to mid-size businesses (SMB) cost-effectively protect their networks and optimize the performance and usability of their email infrastructure. Engate's fully managed service delivers +99% accuracy in stopping botnet-based, email-borne spam, phish, viruses and blended web and email threats at the connection level.

Engate's hosted security service offers the same industry-leading accuracy, scalability and extensive security features as its award-winning appliances and software, combined with the many benefits of a managed service - including cost savings, rapid deployment and ease-of-management. Engate ensures peace of mind by eliminating email and botnet threats outside the email gateway while improving ease-of-use for administrators and end-users.

"As botnet threats continue to evade conventional security systems, companies of all sizes are seeking better ways to proactively protect their networks and reduce email security risk," said Michael Osterman, President, Osterman Research. "Engate's hosted email security and anti-botnet service is delivering on the promise of SaaS (software as a service) as a cost and time effective way for large and small enterprises to preemptively secure their networks, allowing them to focus on their core business."

Hosted Security Service Proactively Eliminates Botnet Threats Engate's hosted security delivers +99% accuracy in stopping email-borne threats at the connection level, helping enterprise and SMBs to radically reduce the large volume of unwanted and malicious traffic from reaching their email gateway. Engate's superior performance delivers a variety of benefits:

- Saves Money, Fits Budget - no upfront fees, monthly pricing satisfies budget constraints; no on-site hardware or software to buy, install, maintain or upgrade.

- Improves Email Delivery - ensures the timely delivery of email to desktop, laptop and PDA devices.

- Future-proof Protection - provides instant and permanent detection of new botnets. The patented technology is the most accurate in detecting and blocking established and new threats.

- Lowers IT and Overhead Costs - lowers capital, operating and maintenance costs as a result of reduced inbound email, bandwidth, storage and processing power.

- Ensures Cost Predictability - reduces hardware and software costs with excellent ROI. Email security expense is known, predictable and scalable to suit growing business needs.

- Improves Productivity and ROI - frees up IT resources to focus on projects aligned with business goals.

- Increases Operational Efficiency - improves the throughput of messaging systems as much as ten-fold.

- Ensures Business Continuity - mitigates email loss issues with Engate's patented 'Triple False Positive Protection' features - PassThru(tm), PassCode(tm) and Spam Digest.

- Reduces IT Burden - reduces maintenance, support staff and infrastructure complexity.

"Engate delivers the industry's most accurate hosted email security service that's highly regarded for its superior performance, reliability, and ease of use," said Tony Busa, Vice President of Marketing, Engate Technology. "Our hosted security incorporates the innovation and intelligence we have gathered from profiling networks over the past 7 years. Through our continued research and investment we remain ahead of the pack in delivering proactive protection against botnet-based spam, viruses, phish and blended attacks."

Try Engate Hosted Security Free for 30 days

Companies can sign up today for a free trial of Engate's hosted security service. Registrants can sign up for a hosted trial evaluation with a simple redirection of a MX record to Engate's data center. This no-cost trial version is a fast, easy and risk-free way for organizations to evaluate Engate's preemptive security. Within minutes, users will experience comprehensive protection from spam, image spam, phish, viruses and blended web/email attacks. Register by visiting: www.engate.com/trial/. About Engate Technology Engate Technology Corporation is a leading provider of proactive anti-botnet and email security solutions for service providers and enterprises. The company also provides strategic partners with scalable and flexible OEM deployment models, including hardware appliance, hosted services and software, which can be licensed to security software, appliance, router, firewall, secure web gateway, intrusion prevention, unified threat management and managed service providers. The company's proactive network profiling technology is instantly aware of new computers that become members of botnets and stops the distribution of email-borne threats at the protocol level, before it reaches the enterprise gateway and has a chance to compromise IT resources, slow down network performance, and invade privacy. For more information, contact Engate at [email protected], or visit the company's website at www.engate.com.

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