EldoS Corp. Unveils Security For Windows Phone 7, LDAP, And WebDAV Protocols

SecureBlackbox includes HTTP(S) server components and WebDAV client and server components

June 3, 2011

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LONDON, June 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- EldoS Corporation announced today the new major software release of its SecureBlackbox product that opens new exciting possibilities to Windows and .NET software developers. New offerings such as HTTP(S) server components and WebDAV client and server components extend choice of Internet connectivity options. Distributed signature add-on lets Web developers build client-server solutions where server-side documents are digitally signed by user's X.509 certificate right in client's browser.

This release includes components to quickly develop custom HTTP/HTTPS and WebDAV servers. This allows software developers support industry-adopted protocols and let third-party applications access resources managed by the solutions being developed using SecureBlackbox. Implementation of LDAP protocol adds a method to retrieve and manage security resources (X.509 certificates, Certificate Revocation Lists, OpenPGP keys) stored in centralized locations such as Active Directory.

When it comes to building of custom server applications, special attention must be paid to prevent unauthorized access to resources located outside of the pool granted to a client. With file access and management restricting such access becomes easier with file system virtualization layer, added in SecureBlackbox 9. The components that work with the file system to write or read files, have been updated to allow the developer store files in dedicated folders on the disk or in SolFS virtual storages.

With wide adoption of non-latin names for national domains (URLs) it becomes more and more important to let applications understand them. SecureBlackbox version 9 adds IDN (International Domain Names) support to all its components related to Internet connectivity.

"Our 9th release (of SecureBlackbox - ed.) appears to be the most announcing amongst all the major versions we have ever released, offering a fistful of new outstanding features," says Ken Ivanoff, President of EldoS Corporation. "The list of supported network protocols was extended with as many as four brand new entries - POP3, LDAP, WebDAV and SASL; server-side FTP and HTTP components have also been added, - remember to append "S" throughout! Taking into account the importance of the EU electronic signature legislation for our European customers, simplified CAdES and XAdES controls were introduced, making the task of signature management as easy as throwing a letter into a postbox. And the thing that really makes us proud of this release is a distributed signatures framework, an elegant technical know-how from our research team. We expect this one to be warmly welcomed by developers of both the traditional client-server applications and the distributed solutions residing in the Cloud."

Overall, the newly released SecureBlackbox 9.0 by EldoS Corporation introduces the new level of security for Windows Phone 7, support of LDAP and WebDAV protocols, original implementation of Distributed Signing modules for web applications and awaited HTTP(S) server component. To evaluate these and others features or get more details about the product, please visit SecureBlackbox homepage at http://www.eldos.com/SecureBlackbox/.

Press Release Contact Information: Mr. Ken Ivanoff ELDOS CORPORATION

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