DOD Announces Expansion Of Defense Industrial Base Voluntary Cybersecurity Information Sharing Activities

Safeguards sensitive DoD information that is maintained on DIB company unclassified information systems.

May 11, 2012

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The Department of Defense in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security announced today important developments in defense industrial base cyber security activities. After a year-long Defense Industrial Base (DIB) cyber security pilot, the DoD’s Voluntary DIB Cyber Security/ Information Assurance (CS/IA) Program is now available to all eligible DIB companies. In addition, DIB Enhanced Cyber security Services (DECS) will become part of the expanded program.

These activities enhance and supplement existing cyber security capabilities to help safeguard sensitive DoD information that is maintained on DIB company unclassified information systems.

“The expansion of voluntary information sharing between the department and the defense industrial base represents an important step forward in our ability to catch up with widespread cyber threats,” said Ashton Carter, deputy secretary of defense. “Increased dependence on Internet solutions have exposed sensitive but unclassified information stored on corporate systems to malicious probes, theft, and attacks. This expanded partnership between DoD and the defense industrial base will help reduce the risk of intrusions on our systems.”

The United States continues to face a significant risk that critical defense information residing on DIB networks and systems can be compromised by malicious cyber actors resulting in potential economic losses or damage to United States national security. The Department of Defense is actively engaged in multiple efforts to foster mutually beneficial partnerships with the DIB to protect Department of Defense information residing on or passing though DIB systems.

“I am pleased by the deep collaboration between DoD, DHS and DIB partners. The success of this program encourages us to explore additional ways to enhance the protection of defense industry networks and DoD information,” said Carter. “Shared information between DoD, DHS and the defense industrial base can help us defend against the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks.”

These expanded partnering opportunities will advance and support the administration’s efforts to improve the cyber security posture of both public and private critical infrastructure.

For more information on these DIB cyber security activities:

Fact Sheet: Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cyber security Activities . DIB CS/IA Program public website: . Interim final rule for the DoD-DIB Voluntary Cyber Security and Information Assurance (CS/IA) Program can be accessed at: .

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