Integrates Authentify's automated phone call and voice capture authentication process into electronic document signature service

July 1, 2010

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CHICAGO, SEATTLE – June 30, 2010—Technology partners, DocuSign and Authentify, today announced that DocuSign has integrated Authentify’s automated phone call and voice capture authentication process into the DocuSign electronic document signature service. This authentication option is available now with the DocuSign Spring ’10 release.

According to Tom Gonser, DocuSign founder and chief strategy officer, the addition of the two-factor biometric telephone and voice authentication process further strengthens the signature and audit trail without adding complexity to the eSignature process. “All the recipient needs to do is answer the phone call and follow a simple instruction on the computer screen. It’s a very natural extension of our electronic signature process,” said Gonser. “The synchronization of the Web and telephony process requires users to interact simultaneously during the signing engagement. The entire transaction is documented, including captured authentication data during each stage until completed. The end result is a transaction backed by a solid, defensible audit trail.”

The DocuSign telephone biometric authentication process is a flexible solution that is fully integrated into its eSignature platform. This optional DocuSign feature is sender and signer friendly, and available at a nominal charge. DocuSign users prepare documents for signature in the online DocuSign Console, click on Authentication and enter the recipient’s phone number. When the recipient e-signs the document using DocuSign, the process triggers an automated telephone call powered by Authentify to the specified recipient phone number, collects a spoken consent and builds a biometric authentication record for ironclad non-repudiation of the signature. The biometric voice print can be used much like a fingerprint in the event of a challenge.

“Authentify makes millions of secure phone calls on behalf of our clients and captures the audit trail from both our servers and the telephone network,” said Peter Tapling, president and CEO of Authentify. “We can create a digital record of a signature with a voice recording to prove, without question, its authenticity and ensure there is no question over the party’s intent. If you say the words “I Agree” it’s hard to then later try and make the case that you didn’t.”

The optional Authentify biometric authentication option is now available with the release of DocuSign Spring ’10. Details can be found at the DocuSign website at


About Authentify, Inc.

Authentify, Inc. pioneered interactive telephone-based, out-of-band authentication services introducing its services in 2001. These authentication services enable organizations that need strong security to quickly and cost-effectively add 2-factor or 3-factor authentication layers to user logon, transaction verifications or critical data changes such as adding a payee to an e-pay or wire account. Authentify markets to financial services firms, corporate security professionals and e-merchants who want to limit fraud on their sites.

Authentify implemented its first biometric application for a Midwestern regional bank in 2004. Visit Authentify at or call 773-243-0300 for more information.

About DocuSign, Inc.

DocuSign, Inc. is the leading provider of on-demand software services for electronic signature. DocuSign empowers individuals, small businesses and global enterprises to operate faster and more efficiently, with greater profitability, enhanced security and compliance. DocuSign is the only Web-based service to securely automate and control the entire electronic document signing process. DocuSign employs the SaaS eSign industry's only enterprise class SAS-70, fully redundant data center delivering 99.993% uptime for customers over the last 32 months. To date, more than 79 million signature events have been executed using DocuSign. In addition, DocuSign is the official and exclusive provider of e-signature services for the National Association of REALTORS' 1.1 million members, under the REALTOR Benefits' Program.

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