Entrust, XTec to deploy PKI and provide secure smartcard login, encrypted communication

November 20, 2009

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DALLAS — November 17, 2009 — Drawing on years of success securing various U.S. federal agencies and

departments, Entrust, Inc., and their proven public key infrastructure technology, will now provide the unified

security infrastructure for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) components. This agreement helps

DHS enable cost-savings, meet HSPD-12 requirements, encrypt communications and data, and deploy secure

credentials for both physical and logical access.

"PKI technology remains such a valuable and versatile tool, regardless of the scope or type of environment it

secures," said Entrust President and CEO Bill Conner. "The Department of Homeland Security should be lauded

for not only unifying their security architecture, but for doing so in a manner that enhances cross-component

efficiency and helps save money by reducing the number of solutions securing different offices and locations."

Facilitated by partner XTec Inc., who is the key HSPD-12 solution provider for DHS, the Entrust deployment will

provide PKI services and digital certificates for all DHS components and their employees. The two-year

implementation will leverage Entrust's PKI architecture, Entrust Authority, as well as Entrust Entelligence

Security Provider and XTec's AuthentX platform for the management and secure distribution of the agency's

internal digital certificates. These certificates will provide DHS proven smartcard login, network authentication,

as well as encryption for e-mail and desktop environments.

"XTec has years of proven experience as a security solutions provider for the U.S. government, and opting for a

strong, proven PKI will help DHS meet their immediate and long-term security needs," said XTec CEO Albert

Fernandez. "We're looking forward to collaborating with Entrust on this critical government project, and our team

innovation will serve as a strong security model for other U.S. agencies to follow."

Entrust's PKI solution has been implemented to perform critical security tasks in various U.S. federal agencies,

including the U.S. Department of State for advanced ePassports and the Shared Service Provider (SSP) PKI for the

U.S. Department of Treasury. Entrust's hosted PKI service is also identified by the U.S. General Services

Administration (GSA) as an approved SSP for use within federal environments.

Additional state and federal PKI deployments include the State of Illinois, State of Virginia, the Departments of

Energy and Justice, NASA, the Government Printing Office, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Patent and

Trademark Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

XTec provides the knowledge, products and experience to help U.S. federal departments and agencies deploy

solutions to comply with HSPD-12 and PIV requirements, as defined in FIPS 201 and related NIST standards. The

specific solution, XTec's AuthentX Identity Management System, includes all required components for an HSPD-

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