Deep Instinct Launches First Commercially Available, Real-Time Cybersecurity Solution Based on Deep Learning

Instantly detects and prevents zero-day and APT attacks across all endpoints and mobile devices

November 3, 2015

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San Francisco, CA – November 3, 2015 – Today, Deep Instinct announced the first commercially available cyber-threat detection and prevention solution based on deep learning, an advanced branch of artificial intelligence. By applying deep learning technology to cybersecurity, enterprises can now gain unmatched protection against unknown and evasive cyber-attacks from any source. Deep Instinct brings a completely new approach to cybersecurity enabling cyber-attacks to be identified and blocked in real-time before any harm can occur.

Deep learning is inspired by the brain’s ability to learn. Once a brain learns to identify an object, its identification becomes second nature. Similarly, as Deep Instinct’s artificial brain learns to detect any type of cyber threat, its prediction capabilities become instinctive. As a result, zero-day threats and APT attacks are immediately detected and prevented.

“Deep Instinct is currently the only security solution based on a cutting edge technology called deep learning making it uniquely situated in the marketplace,” said David Monahan, Research Director, Security & Risk Management at Enterprise Management Associates. “It is a compelling tool in the fight against malware variants, especially zero-days and APTs that cannot be detected by signature-based solutions nor by sandboxing solutions in real-time.“

Deep Instinct’s solution provides:

·  Real-time detection and prevention across all endpoints and/or mobile devices

·  Accurate prediction of unknown cyber threats using proprietary deep learning algorithms

·  Infrastructure-agnostic solution across all devices, operating systems and platforms

·  Connectionless on-device protection evaluating threats in real-time without requiring any supplemental connection

Deep Instinct’s dedicated deep learning research group is headed by Dr. Eli David, one of the leading researchers in the field of computational intelligence. At the meeting point of mathematics and cybersecurity, Deep Instinct has the expertise to accurately detect and prevent the next unexpected attack in real-time, from any source, on any device.

“Recent headlines highlight the fact that enterprises, and their customers, are suffering from devastating damages and losses of critical information,” said Guy Caspi, CEO of Deep Instinct. “We’ve combined world-class cybersecurity expertise with a leading deep learning research group to create a completely new way to directly counter cyber-attacks, and we have seen extraordinary results. We empower organizations with a predictive deep learning model that enables them to avoid becoming the next negative headline.”


About Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct is the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity. Leveraging deep learning’s predictive capabilities, Deep Instinct’s on-device, proactive solution protects against zero-day threats and APT attacks with unmatched accuracy. Deep Instinct safeguards the enterprise’s endpoints and/or any mobile devices against any threat, on any infrastructure, whether or not connected to the network or to the Internet.

Deep Instinct USA is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and Deep Instinct Israel is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

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