The dgSolution Suite speeds application development, testing and training by simplifying data masking across production and nonproduction environments

November 21, 2008

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Fremont, Calif., November 18, 2008 " DataGuise (, innovator of data security and compliance solutions for enterprises, today announced the industry's first masking in place (MIP) solution for multi-database environments such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and others. The dgSolution Suite provides secure masking of database content and is designed for the highest level of flexibility and functionality across heterogeneous environments. Beyond conventional masking tools, DataGuise brings unprecedented point-and-click usability while delivering the most comprehensive feature set for streamlined application development, testing and training.

Prevention of unauthorized access to privileged corporate information must be a mandatory business directive. Analysts indicate that a growing percentage of data breaches result from insider access to corporate data stored across databases. Additionally, the outsourcing of production data to off-shore processing organizations removes access controls to privileged data, moving organizations outside of regulatory compliance. In addition to financial and legal penalties, security violations can result in investor concerns, negative publicity and lack of trust from the organizational constituents that include customers.

Industry experts agree that information security in non-production environments, used for application development, testing and training, is essential. Challenged with selecting the right security solution depending upon the environment this data resides in, enterprises must select their non-production data security strategy carefully. Live production environments have recognized security and information access technologies which protect against the threat of data leakage. Since production environment security is costly, complicated and not easily duplicated, non-production environments often do not enjoy the same protections.

To build a quality test environment, organizations seek production-like scale and complexity of which production data is a critical component to constructing credible software development and application testing scenarios. The DataGuise dgSolution suite solves two of the biggest concerns for building non-production environments: time-to-deployment and production data leakage. The suite includes:

dgDiscover: Highly automated GUI-based discovery solution that helps locate sensitive data across various databases dgMasker: High performance masking solution for databases that maintains referential integrity while scaling to meet enterprise requirements

With the launch of the dgSolution Suite, DataGuise provides organizations with a complete data masking solution that allows discovery of all sensitive data and masking of production and non-production data targeted for use with application development, testing and training. DataGuise brings the following benefits and advantages to enterprises deploying the dgSolution Suite:

User-friendly interface and design for unmatched time-to-deployment and point-and-click management MIP " Masking-in-Place SmartMask " Data consistency within and across databases Maintenance of Referential Integrity (RI) for high fidelity test data Enterprise scalability for very large environments

"Core to our technology is the architecture which simplifies methods used for managing multiple databases, allowing rapid deployment of non-production test environments. This ease-of-use is woven throughout the solution and reduces deployment time from months to days," said Erik Jarlstrom, Vice President of Customer Advocacy. "Under the hood of this easy to use solution is intelligence that de-identifies data using processes designed to preserve data integrity. Engineered for usability, the DataGuise solution ensures that sensitive data is fully cleansed before leaving the production network."

About DataGuise DataGuise Incorporated offers several solutions that can help enterprises ensure regulatory compliance. DataGuise solutions protect organizations against data theft and liability by providing features such as real-time data masking, production data masking, and test data generation for production and testing environments. For more information, call 510-824-1036 or visit

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