Datacom Systems Unveils 10G DURAstream Bypass Switch

DURAstream uses real-time data forwarding hardware to ensure line-rate throughput of critical voice and data flows

March 2, 2010

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EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y., March 1, 2010 -- Datacom Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of data capture infrastructure, today announced a new edition to its DURAstream product line. Joining the company's 1G solution is a 10G DURAstream bypass switch, providing superior protection for 10G network links as well as the advanced 10G monitoring devices deployed on them. As with its 1G DURAstream solutions, Datacom Systems' 10G DURAstream bypass switch prevents network outages when an in-line device malfunctions. In addition, the 10G DURAstream is the key to executing graceful upgrades on an in-line device.

The 10G DURAstream bypass switch is used with in-line monitoring tools such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) devices, VPN gateways, and/or firewalls. Easy to install and simple to configure, the 10G DURAstream removes the possibility of a self-inflicted network outage caused by a faulty in-line device or an in-line device undergoing a software upgrade.

"As network links and in-line tools scale to 10G, networking professionals face a dilemma." said Chris Koeneman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Datacom Systems. "An IPS device provides the vigilance an enterprise needs, but this vigilance carries a risk. The very device designed to protect the network can create an outage. This can take place during normal operation but can also take place during a software upgrade. DURAstream eliminates this risk."

DURAstream uses real-time data forwarding hardware to ensure line-rate throughput of critical voice and data flows. Its design not only protects against failures caused by device malfunction, but also enables graceful software upgrades of in-line devices. Should a power loss to the DURAstream switch occur, it automatically closes the connection to the switch to create a physical connection on the main link until power is resumed.

Heartbeat Mode Adding value to the DURAstream bypass switch is its innovative heartbeat feature, which monitors the continual health of in-line appliances by sending and receiving a heartbeat packet into the appropriate monitoring port link. The configurable packet, when received and analyzed, reports the overall availability and performance of the device.

Advanced Management, Security and Logging Features Datacom Systems' DURAstream modular bypass switch can be managed locally or remotely through CLI or GUI with web-based HTTPS for convenient configuration and management. The switch includes important security, management, and logging features such as secure shell (SSH), SNMP traps, e-mail notifications, syslog, and interfacing with authentication servers such as TACACS+. Dual redundant power supplies are included for increased monitoring uptime.

Datacom Systems DURAstream 10G Modular Bypass Switch is available directly from the company, as well as through a network of value added resellers. To learn more, visit the company web site or call (315) 463-1585.

About Datacom Systems: Datacom Systems is a leading manufacturer of Test Access Points (TAPs), Data Aggregation Tools and other network access devices. Since the company's founding in 1992, Datacom Systems has built a reputation for quality engineering and unmatched customer service. Datacom Systems is credited with inventing physical layer matrix switching technology and is considered the expert in network access solutions. Datacom Systems equipment covers millions of network segments worldwide, with over 70% of Fortune 500 companies relying on Datacom equipment to gain visibility into their networks " and to save millions of dollars in IT expenses each year. The privately-held company is headquartered in East Syracuse, New York. Visit .

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