Dark Reading 'Drops' Its First Podcast

Our brand-new podcast, Dark Reading Confidential, has officially launched. You don't want to miss our first episode with the CISO and chief legal officer from Reddit and a cybersecurity attorney, who share their thoughts and advice for CISOs on the new SEC breach disclosure rules.

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At one of the first meetings Dark Reading held with its inaugural CISO Advisory Board last year, one of the questions a couple members of the board asked us was, "Why doesn't Dark Reading have a podcast?"

The question was fortuitous because we already had been discussing and mulling how we might roll out a podcast of our own that would provide another form of content for our audience — but through a different lens. Our concept was to create a podcast where cybersecurity practitioners could tell us their stories, both professional and personal, related to the relevant news and trends of the day, in an intimate, informal conversation that brings to life their experiences and insights so their peers could hear their voices and narrative firsthand.

Dark Reading had the support and encouragement of members of our CISO board to launch our first-ever podcast, and today it happened: We officially dropped the first episode of the brand-new Dark Reading Confidential podcast. We are thrilled to share with our readers and soon-to-be new listeners this new monthly podcast hosted by Dark Reading senior editor Becky Bracken, and featuring Jim Donahue, managing editor of commentary and copy desk, and myself.

Episode 1, "The CISO and the SEC," features Reddit CISO Fredrick "Flee" Lee, a member of the Dark Reading CISO Advisory Board; Reddit chief counsel Ben Lee; and Beth Burgin Waller, a cybersecurity attorney. The episode dives into the uncertainty CISOs face with the new SEC breach disclosure rules, and our guests explain what it means for the role of the CISO and share their expertise and advice to CISOs in this new regulatory realm.

So, listen to Dark Reading Confidential here on Dark Reading or find us on major platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and Audible, Pocket Casts, and Deezer.

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Kelly Jackson Higgins, Editor-in-Chief, Dark Reading

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